Immortal Plants and Animals

Immortal Plants and Animals

Last update: 04 December, 2018

The search for eternal life isn’t something that people have imagined or made up. Nature has already shown us some examples of immortal plants and animals. Therefore, somehow, humans are trying to follow their footsteps. In today’s article, you can take a look at these amazing organisms.

Are there really immortal plants and animals?

There are some myths that mention eternity and eternal life. Where did humans get these ideas? Without a doubt, they come from nature. There have been discoveries of immortal plants and animals — well, you can say they’re biologically immortal.

An immortal plant or animal isn’t exempt from losing their lives in an accident or getting cut down for lumber. Even so, it’s surprising that these species never grow old and die. Here are some of them:

Bristlecone Pine

This species of tree — in the picture above — is found in North America and estimated to be older than 5,000 years old. As you can tell by looking at their appearance, time sue has been harsh and wreaked havoc on them. Despite that, they are still standing, intact, and unmoved.

Studies that analyze their cells show that they haven’t aged and are still in good shape as they were 5,000 years ago. It’s believed that they keep stem cells in their roots that cause new growth. This allows them to stay intact at a cellular level.


Anemones are marine animals that have survived the test of time due to the venom they shoot at their prey. They usually hunt small fish and muscles. According to the studies performed on these animals, the only sign of aging they have is their size.

Anemonies live forever

When they’re older, they get bigger. However, none of them have been seen dying. In fact, certainty these animals can grow back any missing or amputated limbs due to their impressive regenerative capacity.

Also, as mentioned above, their immortality is only biological. In other words, anemones are prey for other animals, which means if they’re eaten, they die.

Some people think that this animal has the secret to immortality and that it has a lot in common with humans. Therefore, scientists are performing studies that are funded by million-dollar grants. The goal of these studies is to find something that can make humans immortal. At a basic level, our bodies also regenerate in a way similar to them. For instance, our hair, nails, or cells.


These are the tallest trees in the world. A lot of them have been standing for thousands of years. There are cases where many of these trees have died. However, their cause of death has always been tied to external factors, like forest fires or harsh weather.


These trees are born from a tiny seed and grow to impressive heights. It’s thought that many of them have been standing for 5,000 years. And, they’re still standing today! Will mankind be able to find the secret to immortality through these trees?


You might have thought it odd to see this name on the list of plants and animals that never die. You’ve probably seen them dead on the beach during summer vacation. Obviously, not all jellyfish are immortal, but there are several species that have shown them to be biologically immortal after being tested.

Immortal jelly fish

These animals are able to revert to an earlier developmental stage. They’re able to become young again whenever they want. Don’t you find that interesting?

The more mankind learns more about nature and its creatures, the more we realize how much we don’t know about nature. Who knows if humans will one day be able to live forever due to what they can learn from nature. We’ll just have to wait and see…


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