Is There a Beach for Cats?

Is There a Beach for Cats?

Last update: 12 December, 2018

A lot of people miss their pets when they go on vacation. Taking them, especially cats doesn’t seem like an easy option in places filled with people, sand, and the sea. The good news is that in Sardiniathere is at least one beach for cats.

This beach for cats is called Su Pallosu and it’s almost like a feline sanctuary. It’s located on the west coast of the Italian island and isn’t really known as a major tourist destination. This lets the 61 cats that live on its coasts roam on the beach rocks and low cliffs.

What’s life like for the cats at Su Pallosu?

Su Pallosu beach, in the middle of the Mediterranean, is a very little explored human paradise. However, the people that actually live there have a lot of protection from insects and rodents that are found in the area. Cats at this beach live in harmony and complete liberty.

Cats that find themselves in this corner of the world are taken care of by the Associazione Culturale Amici di Su Pallosu. This non-profit organization takes care of feeding and treating the cats.

This association is funded by activities that come from micro-tourism. Even though guided tours are completely free of charge, they get their income from selling food, accessories, gifts, or the modest lodgings in the area.

The cats are castrated to prevent overpopulation. Right now, besides these 61 cat residents, the caretakers have said that they are not currently accepting any more guests.

Beach for cats

The history of Su Pallosu

Su Pallosu only has 6 human residents. As for the cat population, the history of the feline origins on this beach picture dates back to the ‘80s. Like a children’s tale, everything on this beach started with a rat invasion. The massive rodent invasion got the local tuna fishermen to fight the plague with a lot of cats.

The cats became heroes. The residents took care of and fed them with fish. They enjoyed the weather along with the island’s characteristic beaches and coastline. This is how these cats found themselves in one of the most beautiful cat beaches in the world.

People rarely visit this Italian island beach. However, there are already a lot of people who have left comments on travel forums. What cat lover wouldn’t want to feel the joy of being surrounded by the beautiful landscape and purring cats?

Beach for cats in the US

Now, the question of taking cats to US beaches is a good one. Sometimes, people need information about taking cats to the beach, or if it’s illegal.

Cat sun bathing in a beach chair

As a general rule, the answer is no, it’s not illegal. Except for beaches that have signs, announcements, or local laws, nothing is keeping you from taking your cat to the beach. That being said, you need to check with your local authorities and state laws to make sure that it’s legal to take your cat to the beach.

It’s always a good idea to make sure you know the law to prevent any legal problems.  Cities and the local police might be allowed to fine you for taking your cat to the beach.

How do you know if a cat isn’t allowed to go to a beach?

Most beaches don’t ban cats from going onto the beach. That being said, they can set rules, especially ones for cleanliness. It’s possible for beaches to have a restriction if it’s a nature preserve.

Beach for cats: what do cats think?

As a final note, cats don’t really like the heat, sun, or water. Taking an animal to the beach and keeping them in a cage usually isn’t very relaxing for them. It’s possible that, deep down, your cat would much prefer to stay asleep in their calm, quiet and cozy home.