A Letter From an Adopted Dog to Their Owner

Animals that are adopted from a kennels, shelters or other types of centers are very grateful and will compensate you for anything and everything you give them
A Letter From an Adopted Dog to Their Owner

Last update: 10 March, 2018

Adopting a dog can be a great idea. This applies if you are willing to assume the responsibilities involved. And, this includes giving them love and providing attention.

Have you ever thought about how an adopted dog must feel? This touching letter from a dog to it’s owner will help you get an idea.

A Letter from an Adopted Dog to Their Owner: When I Felt Alone

chihuahua in woman's arms

Every day, I woke up shivering in the metal crate where I used to sleep. There, I felt the biggest sense of emptiness. Despite having other friends around, I always felt lonely.

The neighbors who owned our crates were angry. Every time I wanted to talk to them or approach them, they would grunt and growl at me. They acted as if I were going to steal food right off their plate.

I remember when I was at home, happy with my original owners. They were lovely but they adopted me when they were very old. And one day when I went to wake them up, they did not wake up anymore . . . So, then they brought me here. I do not know how long ago I arrived. And, I don’t know how long I will stay.

I did not even know what I looked like anymore. It would seem that I was not very cute or cuddly, because I saw how the other neighbors looked at their dogs when they came home. I could tell by the way my temporary owners looked at me that they did not like me very much, even though I tried to smile and be cute to make them laugh.

Nevertheless, I always ended up crestfallen and lying alone in my cold metal crate again.

A Letter from an Adopted Dog to Their Owner: And Then You Came Along

It was a day like any other sitting in my cold stainless steel cage when suddenly, you walked in and our eyes met. Your eyes were so deep and loving. . . I wanted to go with you ever since that moment. However, it wasn’t long before they made you take your eyes off me, and I became discouraged again thinking that the gesture had merely been an oasis in my deepening solitude.

The owner of the shelter directed you towards the other dogs. You were standing in front of the other cages, when suddenly I felt that. . . you were you watching me? No, it was all in my head, that could not be. I laid down facing the inside of the cage. It was better if I didn’t think about the matter any further.

Suddenly, I heard my name. It was the owner of the shelter. “What does he want? Can’t he see that I’m sad?” I asked myself. But then again, he is the who feeds me and I could not disobey. I was able to turn around very easily in my cage, because the door was open! And there you were, crouched down, smiling at me. You wanted to meet me, but I did not want to get too worked up because. . . what if you did not choose me?

I didn’t even get the chance to act interesting or be cute, because you had already made a decision: you wanted me!

And Then We Arrived Home… Our Home!

golden retriever home alone

I was scared when we got home, because everything was so new to me. I was unsure of how to behave, so I preferred to stand behind your legs and follow your steps. The last thing I wanted was to spoil i t now that I had found someone.

You spoke to me sweetly while you whispered my name, you taught me where to eat and where to sleep, and you had already bought me everything I needed. . .  you were waiting for me! And I had definitely been waiting for you for quite some time.

The days passed and your love and affection made me love you in return, and feel happy and welcome in your home. What can I possibly tell you now that my days are  almost over? You have taken care of me, loved me and you have let yourself be loved by me and given me more than I ever needed.

I could never forget the days when you got home tired from work, but still always smiled at me, took me out for walks and played with me. When you made me delicious recipes or hugged me when I was sick. No matter where I go or where I am, I could never forget you and I will never have enough words to thank you and tell you how much I love you.

And now that I’m dying, please do not be sad and give all the love you once gave me to a new puppy, so that the day that their time on Earth ends too, they can leave as happy as I am. Thank you, we’ll see each other soon.

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