A Pet-Friendly Hotel for Dogs with a Bed, Toys, and Treats

A Pet-Friendly Hotel for Dogs with a Bed, Toys, and Treats

Last update: 23 May, 2018

Traveling and taking your pet along was unthinkable until some time ago. And finding accommodation for your pet was even more difficult. But everything evolves over time and now “pet-friendly” accommodation is becoming more and more common.

There is now a hotel chain in Madrid and cities in Spain that are pet-friendly. In these your dog will not only be accepted but will also have a series of specific services tailored to his needs.

Traveling and staying with your pet is no longer impossible 

The company is almost a pioneer on the subject of accommodation for dogs, cats, and other pets since its inauguration in 2001. And today, the decision to accept animal companions is—without a doubt—one of its distinctive traits.

Not only do pet-friendly hotels provide a welcome for you and your family, but your dog will be greeted with:

  • A bowl of premium dog food
  • A water bowl
  • Treats
  • A bed
  • Toys

Traveling with your pet through Spain and staying with them in hotels is no longer impossible. There are more and more hotels that accept dogs and other domestic animals. These places also offer specialized services for your pet.

The pet-friendly hotel where your dog is more than welcome

These hotel chains have specific rooms for people to stay in with their animals and other clients don’t stay in them. The reason is to avoid any problems or complaints about cleaning or allergies. In addition, the only other common area that the dogs and other pets are not allowed to access is the breakfast buffet.

However, the managers of the hotel chain indicate that the furry companions are no different than the other guests. And, as always, the pet’s good or bad behavior is always the owner’s responsibility.

Fortunately, little by little, deep-seated prejudices are disappearing. Now  these locations  increasingly accept  pets.

Pet accommodation for all sizes 

The hotel chain also highlights that we have to understand that pets are considered a part of the family. That’s why at first, they were only accepting small dogs, but in 2014 they removed all limitations related to the size of the animals.

So, similar to other establishments, they found a way to cover a solid niche in the market. At first, these services were only in  rural homes or small inside spaces. However, despite the fact that animals are starting to be accepted at hotels in the big cities and important beach destinations, specialists consider that the number is insufficient.

Compared with other important European cities, Madrid is still less pet-friendly.

Pet owners are very demanding guests

The managers of the hotel chain concluded that people who stay with their pets are very demanding. The reason is that their priority is the welfare of their pets and not the cost of the services.

In addition, they typically reserve in advance to ensure that they will get a place and to avoid unpleasant surprises. Of course, it is no fun wandering around a city looking for a place to stay with your furry companion.

The truth is that although many hotels call themselves pet-friendly, they only accept animals of a certain weight. That is why it’s important to read the small print and avoid acting on the “spur of the moment”, especially during high season.

Don’t stop yourself from traveling with your furry companion

pet-friendly hotel for dogs

While there are many places that do not accept pets, arguing a number of reasons like noise and hair everywhere, now there’s the possibility of staying in more than one hotel where your dog will be well received.

The chain that we are referring to, for example, has more than 31 hotels, 20 of which are in Madrid. But they are also located in the following cities:

  • Barcelona
  • Bilbao
  • Valencia
  • Sevilla
  • Málaga

So, you can now take your pet on your next business or pleasure trip

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