Protection Dogs for Mistreated Women

Protection Dogs for Mistreated Women

Last update: 11 July, 2018

Spanish women who are victims of gender violence can now have a specially trained protection dog. 

The protection dog will not hesitate to confront someone in order to defend their owner. There is proof to show how  effective these dogs are.

Protection dog schools and breeds

There are special training schools for protection dogs. These dogs protect women who are the victims of gender violence from aggression.

To have protection from a defense dog, you cannot just rely on any dog breed. Generally, German Shepherds and Belgian Shepherds are the most suitable.

The escort dog receives intensive obedience and defense training. When they are ready, they become the best form of protection for their owner.

The owner also receives special training so they can learn how to control situations, and the instincts of their new companion.

It is important to  prepare the owner so she knows how to control and cope with the dog’s reaction.

The behaviour of an escort dog

When the new owner and the dog are ready, the animal will go into the street with a steel muzzle. 

If the owner suffers an attack, the dog will pounce on the attacker. The dog will deliver a strong blow to immobilise the attacker in enough time for the woman to seek help or escape.

The key to this behaviour is in the dog’s protective instinct. They are trained to identify possible aggression and act accordingly to restrain the attacker.

The objective is to deter aggressors and, if the owner is attacked, the dog will serve as a shield. 

Abused women will also carry a GPS so that the police can find them. Logically, in these situations, time is an important factor. Every second counts.

A protection dog is at the woman’s side for twenty-four hours a day and goes everywhere they go. In many cases they are also an important factor when it comes to testifying in court. However, there is a legal loophole, as these animals are not legally recognised in the same way as for example, guide dogs are.

It will be great if society and authorities can regulate protection animals. This means that they can go anywhere with the woman and accompany her to any public or private place.

They are not aggressive animals

It is important to note that these dogs are not aggressive or dangerous animals. On the contrary, they are friendly and because they are adopted from puppies they have been taught to socialise. They are caring and desire affection.

These dogs are not aggressive and are not trained to kill anyone. They will simply respond to any unpleasant situation as best they can. It is a time-consuming and complete responsibility, as much for the woman as it is for the animal.

Protection programme

When they enroll on the programme, psychologists at the specialist foundation for gender violence, will weigh up each case and the risk. Then, an ethologist will visit the woman’s home to check the environment that the animal will live in.

If her home meets the requirements, the woman will begin a training programme. This starts with a twenty-hour course. It is the same course that security workers complete and it is run by the Spanish Director General for Policing.

In each case, the most appropriate dog is chosen for the owner and they will establish a bond. The animal is given to them free of charge, as is the rest of the training.

When the dog is dressed in its protection gear, it is conscious that it has to be ready.

Also, the dog is trained to act passively. By this, we mean without any equipment so it can also protect its owner in an unexpected situation.

Protection dogs are very sociable, well balanced, comfortable in a family environment. They also have a real sense of justice. They seem to understand justice and defend it.

If you scold these dogs excessively, they will let you know about it. If you persist in scolding them, they will end up confronting you.

Above all, they know that abuse towards their owner is unjust, and of course abuse towards themselves too.

They will defend the woman when under attack, but they will also defend themselves if they feel under attack.