Stop Your Dog's Bad Habit of Jumping Up On People Today!

There are steps you can take to keep your dog from jumping up to greet you at your door.
Stop Your Dog's Bad Habit of Jumping Up On People Today!

Last update: 07 December, 2018

To stop your dog from jumping up on people, try to prevent them from getting excited and teach them to greet people in another way.

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Many dogs get so excited when their owner comes home that they begin to jump up on them. They do this by leaning their paws against their owners and can even end up hurting them. Read the following to learn have to get rid of this bad habit.

Prevent dogs from jumping up

The problem of dogs jumping up when you get home can be a behavior problem and can even be dangerous. Little dogs can rip clothes with their claws and large dogs may weigh so much that they can push you and make you fall.

However, this behavior does have a solution because Some dogs quickly understand what’s happening. In fact, they may even learn in a couple of days. In other cases, the one who has to put forth more effort in correction is the human. The person may not be aware that he/she is exciting the dog and provoking them to jump up.

Don’t excite them

In order to learn how to stop the habit of jumping up, the first thing to understand is that you shouldn’t excite the dog when you come home. If the dog is nervous, you need to redirect that extra energy, which is expressed through jumping and pushing. Instead, if you calmly enter the house, the dog will probably be controlling himself and will behave better.

There are many things, such as speaking fast or in a loud voice,  that can excite your dog when you get home. Also, repeating what you say, yelling, or clapping your hands can also excite them.

When you come in the house, try to create a peaceful atmosphere and quietly greet your dog. Avoid raising your voice, running fast, or provoking your dog to jump up on you and you will see that this will improve your dog’s behavior.

Brown and white little dog jumping up

Don’t applaud jumping up

Often when dogs jump up on you, you reward them without realizing it. Even though you might not like it, but just the minor details praise this behavior. With this problem of rewarding dogs, they may believe you want them to jump up.

In order to prevent your dog from jumping up, you have to understand that you may be encouraging this type of behavior. Speaking in a loving tone, showing your dog ahead of time where to place their paws, and laughing, can involuntarily reinforce this behavior.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t completely ignore your dog when you arrive. This may cause them to try to get your attention by “smothering” you. On the other hand, a calm greeting and words of praise when all paws are on the floor would be an appropriate response.

Turn around

To stop a dog from jumping up, you can turn your back to them.

  • Move slowly and stop your dog from putting their paws on people.
  • Demonstrating calmness will indicate that you aren’t comfortable with their behavior.
  • That part of the body that grabs dogs’ attention is not available.

Therefore, when you see that a dog is trying to jump up, you can gently turn around. By doing so, you’ll be sending signals that mean you don’t want that kind of a greeting. Then, when all of their paws are on the floor, you can praise them for their more appropriate behavior.

Teach a different way of greeting other than jumping up.

Perhaps you think that jumping up is the only type of greeting that your dog knows. Maybe that’s why they acs that way. A good alternative to avoid this behavior is to teach an alternative greeting. 

Man giving a high five to a yellow lab instead of jumping up

You can teach a different behavior if you have the notion that it’s possible to stop your dog from jumping up and at the same time teach him an alternate way of greeting people, you’ll be able to encourage what you would like and stop your dog from doing what you don’t like. 

For example, when it comes to dogs that jump up on people, you can teach them to offer their paw to greet someone. First, you’ll have to teach them to “sit” and then offer the paw. When  entering the house and before your dog has the chance to jump up, you should give them the order to “sit”.  Of course, if a dog is sitting, it won’t be able to jump up on anyone.

Another alternate behavior is to have the dog smell the floor. If you leave a bit of food on the floor when entering the house, you’ll be more capable of looking for the food instead of taking the time to jump up on your shoulders. Besides, it will be more gratifying for your dog to find the food than jump up on you, especially if you’re turning your back to him.

It’s easy to prevent your dog from “assaulting” you when you get home. It takes as much effort for the dog as it does for a human. Don’t excite them and don’t encourage them to continue this habit. Learn to turn away at the precise moment. If this doesn’t work, then teach him a different type of greeting.


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