Strange Behavior: 7 Strange Things That Cats and Dogs Do

Strange Behavior: 7 Strange Things That Cats and Dogs Do

Last update: 24 December, 2018

Sometimes animals make us laugh. Other times you might be confused and left asking yourself, “Why do you do that?” Animals often do things that surprise us. Cats and dogs have strange behaviors that we don’t always understand.  ant to learn more about some of the strange behavior of animals? In this article, we’ll look closely at things cats and dogs do.

Dogs’ strange behavior

Taking food out of their bowl

A strange behavior of dogs is taking food out of their bowl.

Dog owners never understand why dogs do this. When you adopt a dog, you get everything they need, including a dog bowl. Why don’t they use it?

There is no scientific reason behind this behavior. However, some professionals believe it may be due to their pack mentality. When wolves (the ancestors of dogs) hunted prey, the less dominant wolves would choose a piece of meat. They would take the meat and eat it somewhere else in private to prevent another wolf from snatching it from them.

Another reason might be because of the sound your dog’s ID tag makes if it hits against his bowl. He might prefer to eat outside.

Kicking after going to the bathroom

Once your dog goes to the bathroom, you might n0tice them kicking with their legs back. Why do they do this? Cats also do this in their litter boxes to “clean up” after their messes. Well, dogs do this for the same reason.

In addition, it’s a way of marking their territory. Their paws release a pheromone that let other dogs know that this is their territory.

Strange cat behavior

Staring at nothing

All cats do this. They will stare at a fixed point. You’ll look too and there will be nothing there. What are they looking at?

Some people’s cats are known for being able to see spirits and ghosts. People who believe this are always on the lookout for what their cats are looking at, just in case.

Lifting their rear end while you pet them

Have you noticed that your cat raises their rear end and tail while you’re petting them? This is a strange cat behavior. So why do they do it? This is the same gesture females make when they are interested in mating. However, your cat does this to you as a symbol of friendship. This behavior indicates they like what you are doing and they appreciates you.

Eating everything

It doesn’t matter how high-quality the food in their bowl is. You might find your cat trying to eat plastic, wool, or any other objects around the house. This behavior is associated with a desire to nurse again, according to experts. It can also be due to anxiety, boredom, or stress.

Lurking around at night

This strange behavior of cats is probably the most annoying, especially if you have wooden floors. Cats are nocturnal, even if you don’t see your cat sleeping during the day.

Their hunting instinct makes them get up at night. This will happen especially if your cat spends a lot of time alone during the day. However, domestic cats normally adjust to their owner’s schedules.

Strange postures

How many pictures have you seen on the internet of cats rolled up in a towel or hanging upside down on a bed? This behavior isn’t strange to them because they are super flexible. What seems uncomfortable to us is extremely comfortable for them. Should you try to move them? Nope! Just let your cat be and post a picture of them on Instagram.