Tenerife Opens Luxurious Dog Hotel in Europe

Pet-friendly services are the new norm. And, you can find luxurious hotels that are well-suited for owners and pets alike
Tenerife Opens Luxurious Dog Hotel in Europe

Last update: 29 January, 2018

More and more “pet-friendly” services can be found in the major cities of the world. People travel from here to there with their pets and look for lodgings where their four-legged friends are accepted. For this reason, Tenerife has the most luxurious hotel for dogs and cats in Europe. Would you like to know about it?

Luxurious Dog Hotel in Tenerife

Source: diariopublico.es

The property is located in San Miguel de Abona. It has all kinds of facilities for both humans and pets. For example, highlights include wooden huts with private gardens, an indoor pool with relaxation treatments, a water park, a spa, an outdoor pool, a shop, a hairdresser, a massage area and a park … all reserved for dogs and cats

As they are presenting it, this pet-friendly hotel is the most luxurious in all of Europe and is called Mascots Resort. The project was conceived by Aline Lemaire, a Belgian entrepreneur who has lived in Tenerife for four years. In her words, they wanted to create a unique space for dogs and cats with the aim of serving guests who travel to the island with their animals.

Unique in the continent, the hotel has a club for owners to enjoy while their dogs are receiving any of the treatments offered. The first animal that tried the facilities was a golden retriever named Bimba, who threw herself into the pool and played for several minutes.

The price per day is from 22 to 25 euros per dog or cat depending on its size. The establishment has all the amenities so that pets can walk without the need to use a leash. In addition, the owners can swim in the outdoor pool with their dog for an additional cost of 5 euros. Mascots Resort offers training courses in turn.

Looking for a luxurious dog hotel or a space for cats? Take a look at these:

The Tenerife project is one of the most luxurious on the planet. But it is not the only hotel for dogs and cats. There are also others with similar characteristics that are worth mentioning. If you are planning a trip and do not want to leave your dog or cat at home (or in someone’s care), pay attention to these pet-friendly accommodations. They offer the most varied services for all their guests, whether they have two or four legs:

1. Petit Palace

This hotel chain with several undertakings in Spain has adapted its rooms and common spaces to receive pets. It has beds for dogs and litter boxes for cats, for example. The spokesperson, Diana Hernandez, says that you should not pay anything extra for the animals and that upon arrival they receive treats and a bag of food. You are allowed to take them to the restaurant area (not during breakfast to avoid their consuming unhealthy foods for them) and large dogs are also welcome.

2. Hotel Solamar

It is on the west coast of the United States in San Diego and can be considered one of the most “animal-friendly” hotels. The four-legged guests have “doga” classes (yoga for dogs accompanied by their owners). It also offers a special room service with canine and feline food 24 hours a day. When you arrive at the hotel you will receive a warm welcome from “Bear.” In fact, Bear is a nice poodle who holds the title of “Director of Doggy Relations”.

3. Hotel Parco San Marco

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It is located in the city of Porlezza, in Lombardy, Italy. And, it allows owners to walk with their dogs in a 100% natural environment. Pets receive a special welcome in the rooms. They get quality food, a comfortable bed and fresh water. Also, the owners receive a map with the best places to hike together. The hotel has collars, leashes and bowls available so you do not have to bring anything in your bags.

4. Cashel House

This beautiful hotel in Ireland, more precisely in the area of the National Park of Comenara, has 2 thousand hectares of forest and mountains in which to go for a walk with our dogs (along marked trails). It has special rooms for pets where they will never lack food and water. In addition, it offers the service of a professional walker.

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