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6 Most Impressive Birds

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6 Most Impressive Birds
Last update: 03 August, 2018

Even though birds aren’t everyone’s favorite animal, people still admire their plumage, the way they move, and some of their astonishing behavior. Maybe there isn’t that many different kinds of birds where you live. However, you can read about some of the most impressive birds in this article.

The Most Impressive Birds in the World

Whether birds are your favorite animal or not, you’re going to enjoy finding out more about these incredible creatures.

Wilson’s Bird-of-paradise

This bird has many attractive features such as its multicolored body. It has red, yellow, turquoise, blue, and brown patches that combine well to create a unique beautiful rainbow.

The most striking thing about this animal is the shape of its tail which looks more like it was painted by Salvador Dali. Only the males have this type of tail. This bird is a completely indescribable natural beauty.

King Bird-of-paradise

This bird from Papua New Guinea is bursting with random colors and shapes. It’s a true wonder of nature. This bird has a while chest, red back, blue feet, and its wings are grey with green and blue tips. An amazing sight, isn’t it!

The size of its wings is somewhat unique because they’re small and rounded like a fan. Its tail is a little bushy and has two thin but long feather that stick out. This is an incredible bird that no one would miss.

Rufous-necked Hornbill

The Rufous-necked Hornbill is an endangered species that lives in India and Asia. It’s so sad that these beautiful birds are endangered. They kind of look a bit like a toucan, but their beak has a different shape and their colors are different. For example, their beak has vertical black lines that go backwards from halfway along the beak. Their chin has an intense orange color while their head is a red.

As for their body, the main color is black, although the red reappears on the feet and halfway along their tail it turns white. Their main feature is the intense blue rings which encircle their eyes. Can you imagine a more beautiful work of nature?

Wire-tailed Manakin

The wire-tailed manakin is another multicolored bird. It’s one of the most impressive birds in the world. It lives in the Amazons and its intense yellow color allows you to see it from very far away, if you ever get the pleasure to see one. It has a red head and a black body. The perfect combination of these three striking colors create such an incredible bird.

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Source: Juniorgirotto

Gouldian Finch

A list of the most impressive birds in the world wouldn’t be complete without the Gouldian Finch. This bird is extremely beautiful and it has an incredible mixture of colors. Red, green, yellow, and blue make a perfect combination on the body of this little bird.

It lives in the Savannas and wooded areas and always close to water because this resource is really important for its survival. However, its sad that changes to its natural habitat have meant that this animal is at a high risk of extinction.


This bird has many striking colors, and the shape of its head and short feet are quite noticeable. However, the enormous tail of this exotic Latin American bird is quite surprising. It can reach up to 70 cm long and is completely disproportionate to the size of its body which measures only 20 cm.

Quetzals are concentrated in several parts of Latin America, in forests and mountains. Here people have created special routes to increase the chances of seeing one. If you’re in the area, don’t miss this opportunity.

Nature never stops to amaze us with its beautiful and surprising animals, and it makes us appreciate more what we have on this planet. So, it’s all up to us to take good care of it.

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