10 of the Most Athletic Dog Breeds in the World

May 2, 2019
If you're into fitness and you're thinking of adopting a dog, here you'll find the 10 most athletic dog breeds that'd make the perfect exercise partner. 

If you love sports and animals, your ideal pet might be one that can double as your exercise buddy. While all dogs need at least some exercise, there are some breeds that are more athletic than others. So, if you’re into fitness and you’re thinking of getting a dog, here you’ll find the 10 most athletic dog breeds that’ll make the perfect exercise partner.

The most athletic dog breeds

Siberian husky

Siberian huskies are used for pulling sleds.

For years, huskies have been used – and continue to be used – for pulling sleds. This has made them into fast and agile creatures, and one of the most athletic dog breeds in the world.

They are also very social creatures, even with people they don’t know, so you don’t have to worry about taking them to the park. A husky will make friends with everyone it meets.

The German shorthaired pointer

The German shorthaired pointer is also known as the Kurzhaar. It might look like an elegant and noble animal, but it’s actually one of the most athletic dog breeds on the planet. They love running around and getting plenty of exercise.

These dogs are fast and powerful. They also have a really nice temperament, and get on really well with children and other people. Any owner would be lucky to have one of these dogs as their training partner.

Australian shepherd

This dog doesn’t just like doing sport; it actually needs to exercise. If they don’t do enough exercise, they can have aggressive outbursts which can cause problems both at home and in public.


Who could forget the iconic image of Lassie bounding across the prairie? With their innate speed and agility, collies are naturally athletic dogs.

They’re smart and obedient, so you won’t have any issues if you want to run with them off the leash. They’ll stay obediently by your side, and will also get on well with anyone you meet along the way.

Giant schnauzer

Giant schnauzers were originally used as sheepdogs. Their great agility and endurance earns them a place on the list of the most athletic dog breeds in the world.

While they might seem distant and cold, these dogs are friendly, docile and laid back. They’ll be no trouble if you want to let them off the leash.

Labrador retriever

Their strong constitution makes the Labrador retriever an agile and active dog. Although this is a noble and patient breed, keeping them cooped up indoors for long periods of time can make them restless and full of pent up energy. This is a great dog to do exercise with.


Hovawarts are docile and sociable, which makes them really easy to train. They make great guard dogs, and will protect you against any threats.

Their great agility and versatility makes them into one of the most athletic breeds on this list.

Rhodesian ridgeback

Their great strength makes the Rhodesian ridgeback a tough breed. They’re great at extreme sports, so if you’re into hiking or gorge walking, this is the perfect dog for you. However, you have to be careful with them around people they don’t know. While they’re not aggressive dogs, they can be wary around strangers.


With their enviable physique, Pointers are well-suited to an active lifestyle. They are known for their great speed, making them the perfect running partner.

These dogs are sweet-natured, and are really friendly towards strangers.


Two Dalmatian puppies running.

While these dogs are made for doing sport, they also need a healthy, balanced diet, as they tend to gain weight easily.

They are playful and affectionate, and love socializing and making friends. You won’t have any issues if you want to go out running with a Dalmatian.

So have you found your new exercise buddy on this list?