Are Cats Exotic Animals?

Are Cats Exotic Animals?
Francisco María García

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

It’s not easy to keep track of the strangest and most unusual cat breeds in the animal kingdom, so below you can take a look at the list of the 4 most exotic cat breeds. 

Their elegance, deep and enigmatic look, and unpredictable personality make felines interesting and admirable. Some breeds have such a different and majestic appearance that make people wonder: Are cats exotic animals?

The Popularity of Cats as Pets

Admiration and love for cats is not an unprecedented phenomenon in recent year because felines have always been part of the every day life of mankind. In fact, many ancient cultures worshiped and respected them, such as the Egyptians.
For many years, Western Culture has considered dogs as a “pet par excellence”. Therefore, cats have become popular pets in the last few decades.
In addition to their beauty and character, cats are hygienic animals that adapt very well to confined spaces. Therefore, they can make ideal pets for apartments and usually don’t require that much attention from their owners.
It’s becoming more usually to see felines as pets and not as exotic animals. However, cats continue to keep unique physical and cognitive characteristics that seems to be rather rare.

The 4 Most Exotic Cat Breeds

Although felines are becoming more popular each year as the ideal pet for today’s generation, some breeds are not well-known. In such cases, it seems correct to say that those cats, with a fascinating appearance and personality, are exotic animals.


The Sphynx: The Egyptian Cat

The Sphynx cat breed is also known as the “Egyptian cat”. Its origins go back to the 1970s, so it’s a relatively young breed compared to the ancient age of normal of cats.

They became known for a rather specific characteristic: their hairless appearance. In reality, these cats have a strange recessive gene that makes their hair very short and thin, and almost imperceptible. This makes their skin very sensitive, which is why their bodies are very vulnerable to low temperatures.

Another strange thing about their appearance is that Egyptian cats have small heads in proportion to their elegant bodies. Their ears also stand out because of their remarkable size.

Scottish Fold

Just as its name suggests, this breed is originally from Scotland. It’s believed that this breed was the outcome of crossbreeding a male British Sorthhead with a Swedish cat. 

Its strong, captivating appearance and folded ears reveal the similarities it has with its English ancestor. This exotic breed may look like a beautiful stuffed animal, but has a tempered, sociable personality. It gets along well with children and other pets.

Note that another positive trait of this species is that it tends to be very healthy and needs little care. However, it needs to be brushed on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, we need to warn you that its genes pass on a very severe bone pathology when two cats of this breed cross
Scottish Fold

Ukrainian Levkoy

Originating from Ukraine, these cats are the result of crossbreeding the two breeds above: The Scottish fold and the Sphynx. It is one of the most recent breeds, since it was created in the last decade. 

The Ukrainian Levkoy inherited its peculiar ears and much of its character comes from its Scottish relatives. It is affectionate, sociable with children and other animals, and it adapts very well to a family setting. On the other hand, its “naked” body resembles that of the Egyptian cats more, mostly because it is apparently hairless.

Another strange fact is that the Ukrainian Levkoy usually has one of the most obvious sexual dimorphisms among domestic felines. Males are significantly larger than females and are more strong. 

Finally, note that since this breed is new and very difficult to find, these cats are not only considered exotic animals, but they are also very valuable. 

The Savannah cat

This is probably one of the most exotic feline breeds in the world. This beautiful animal comes from crossing African servals with other cats. Its strange name comes from its ancestor: African servals, which are wild cats originating from the African savannah.

Morphologically, it’s remarkable that it has a tall, elegant body with long, strong legs and big ears. Its fur is similar to a leopard’s, giving the Savannah cat a truly exotic and wild appearance.

As for its personality, it stands out because of its incredible sense of companionship, loyalty, intelligence, and curiosity. It shows a great ability to learn, which makes it easy to teach.

In conclusion, this is a very rare breed that’s worth a lot on the market. Plus, in Australia and some other countries, it’s prohibited to sell and keep them.

As we have seen, some cats are exotic and interesting animals, but all cats can win our hearts with their beauty and intelligence. So, before investing in a rare species, why not adopt and give a second chance to one of the many beautiful animals who are waiting for a new home?


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