10 Things Your Dog Does For You Unconditionally

March 16, 2019
There more to dogs than meets the eye. They really are super heroes with no cape!

We know our pet loves us, is loyal to us and gives us the affection sometimes even humans have trouble showing. However, we often ignore many other things they also do for us. Would you like to know all the things your dog does for you? Find out in this article!

You won’t believe how much your dog does for you

Animals are a precious treasure. They are part of our family and not only do they protect us, but they also teach us how to love without asking for anything in return. Look at all they do for you:

1. Workout partners

Working out is another thing your dog does for you.

It’s not that he wants to go out to the park to run in a space bigger than your flat, or that he needs to relieve himself. Above all, he does it so that you can exercise! Don’t forget that dogs always put their owners before themselves.

2. They look at you in the eye

For dogs, staring at each other’s eyes for a while is the same as a hug. While they’re doing it they release a hormone called oxytocin, which is related to well-being. Therefore, when playing or relaxing, don’t forget them in the eye. It will be excellent medicine for both of you!

3. They share your burdens

If there are children at home, they’ll probably behave in a similar way. As a result, they’ll be adventure pals and mischief makers. When trouble happens at home and we ask our little kids who’s responsible for the mess, it’s likely that they’ll say the dog did it, for instance. Without a doubt, human children and dog children make a great team.

4. Extra cleaning help

Another thing your dog does for you happens when some food falls to the ground, because they’re so fast to vacuum it. Be it on the table, on the sofa, on the worktop.. it’s just a matter of stretching out enough and the cleaning is finished in seconds.

5. They babysit for you

Again, the beautiful relationship between children and dogs. Being so protective and affectionate, they are the ideal companion for babies. It has been proven that those who are raised with a pet are happier. Children will be well looked after and if something happens to them they’ll let the parents know immediately.

6. They warm you up in the winter

It’s cold and you’re about to go to bed… and of course, your dog is already waiting to curl up with you. Why? It’s not because he wants to be comfortable, but because he wants to offer you his warmth and keep you cozy during the night.

Sometimes we don’t understand the “hidden” reasons behind doggie behavior.

7. They get the mail or the newspaper for you

Bringing the mail is another thing your dog does for you. To do this you’ll have to teach him a little, and it’s better if he’s still young.

But the good news is that he’ll be in charge of bringing you what you need (from the mail to your slippers) in exchange for a little pampering. However, be careful if you show him how to open the fridge!

8. They bring out your inner child

When they see you’re bored, they’ll want to go out and play. They’ll bring a ball or a strap so you can take them for a walk. Your dog will help you remember your past childhood and have a wonderful time rolling on the lawn or playing with a water hose.

9. They can comfort you

A dog being kissed by his owner.

Having a horrible day? Feeling tired, fed up, and stressed? Your dog is nearly the only one who can prove he’s there for you with something as simple as a touch from his paw. They don’t need to talk, they’re by your side to support you and that’s enough.

10. They bring out the best in you

Perhaps at the office or with your family you ‘re the “cranky” one that always has something to complain about. Or perhaps you’re not the most expressive person in the world with your friends and relatives… but with your dog everything is different.

You can laugh out loud or hold him tight for several minutes. No doubt our pet knows how to bring out our best qualities.

In other words, what are you waiting for to go thank your best pal for everything he does for you?