4 Tips to Stop Your Dog from Urinating on the Bed

January 9, 2019
Punishing young dogs or old dogs - especially if they suffer from diseases - isn't the right way to stop your dog from peeing on the bed.

When dogs are puppies, you have to teach them everything. Likewise, when dogs get old, it’s necessary to reinforce certain teachings because many of them forget. In order to stop a dog from urinating on the bed, you should read this article that contains you several tips on stopping your dog from urinating on the bed.

Why do dogs urinate on the bed?

On several occasions, have you ever come across the unpleasant surprise of your dog urinating on the bed? If so, it’s very important that take care of the problem as soon as possible.

As a first step, you should find out why your dog is acting that way. Especially if they aren’t a small puppy or if they haven’t done it before. One of the most common reasons why they urinate on your bed is to mark their territory. This can happen if a new pet has arrived at home or if they’ve detected the presence of a female in heat.

Another reason may be that they are afraid at night and when they’re overwhelmed with emotion, they “tinkle” a little bit. They may also urinate due to urinary incontinence or bladder problem. In such cases, you should take your dog to the veterinarian.

Puppy urinating on the bed

Also, we can’t ignore the fact that perhaps the animal doesn’t know that they’re not allowed to unrinate on the bed. Therefore, it’s important for you to train them as soon as possible.

Steps to follow to stop your dog from urinating on the bed

It’s very important that you teach your dog that it’s not right to urinate on the bed. In order to get them to understand — instead of applying negative techniques — you should focus on rewarding them when they demonstrate good behavior. The following are steps to follow to prevent your dog from urinating in the wrong places:

1. Ask them to get off the bed

Don’t bother scolding your dog when they have urinated on the bed. It’s better to ask them nicely to get off the bed as if you were going to play or go for a walk. If you want to train your dog and see good results, punishing them isn’t a wise choice, especially because they urinate on the bed due to old age or disease.

Small dog sitting down

2. Place newspaper on the floor

One of the reasons why dogs urinate on the bed maybe because they are still a puppy. So, place a newspaper near your puppy’s bed is an excellent technique.

Some owners choose to soak the paper with the animal’s urine. This way they realize that it’s okay to urinate on that spot. Leave the paper on the floor and change it on a daily basis.

3. Take them out for a walk

Many times dogs urinate because they can’t hold it in for several or during the entire night. It’s very important to delay your dog’s last walk until late so that they can completely empty their bladder just before going to bed.

If your dog urinates in the bed, pay attention to the time you take them out for a walk and the number outings to the street increases.

4. Don’t treat them like a baby

Dog behavior problems are often related to the behavior of their owners. For example, in the case of small breeds such as Yorkshire or Poodle, it’s common for people to treat them like babies and that confuses them.

If you feed them from your plate, let them sleep in your bed or spend lots of time in your arms, the dog won’t know who is the dominant leader and will want to mark their territory.

Finally, we recommend that you don’t act like most owners, who take their dog to where they have urinated and rub their nose in it so they can know what they did was bad. Dogs will not understand why you’re punishing them and they’ll do it again.

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