5 Different Greyhound Breeds

With different coloring and traits, what these dogs have in common is a lightweight and long-legged physique. They are capable of reaching speeds up to 31 miles/h.
5 Different Greyhound Breeds

Last update: 17 October, 2018

Everyone has heard about Greyhounds, but did you know there are different Greyhound breeds? Continue readint this aricle to find out about the most well-known Greyhound breeds.

Different Greyhound breeds

Afghan Greyhound

This is breed — in the picture above — is one of the most beautiful Greyhound breeds because they have long, smooth, silky hair with a shiny golden color. Although this Greyhound might seem like this would be an impediment breed, it isn’t at all.

Just as its names suggests. this dog comes from Afghanistan and it’s capable of reaching speeds of 37 miles/h and is able to jog at 12.5 miles/h almost indefinitely. Until recently, it was almost impossible to find dogs of this breed, as it was considered a national treasure by ancient civilizations.

In fact, all Afghan dogs in the country were considered the property of the monarch. This was true until British colonizers arrived and imported this breed back to England, where it spread to the west.

Russian Greyhound

The Russian Greyhound is tall and thin, and perhaps is the most elegant of all Greyhound breeds. This breed is also called the Borzoi and was the dog of Tsars and Russian nobles for years. Amazing as it sounds, these dogs were used to hunt wolves.

Russian Greyhound standing in the snow

In addition to wolves, these hounds also hunted hares. This should give you an idea of how fast these dogs really are. However, despite their abilities, monarchs mostly admired them for their beauty. Therefore, out of all Greyhound breeds, these became a part of their palaces.

Experts speculate that this breed comes from a cross between Arabian Greyhounds because their coat is suited for the coldest climates.

Azawakh Greyhound

The Azawakh Greyhound comes from the African deserts.  It’s believed that they were raised by the Tuareg tribe. People use these dogs to hunt rabbits and hares, thanks to the fact that it can reach speeds of up to 25 miles/h.

Azawakh Greyhound running on the beach

Unlike other Greyhound breeds, this dog is taller than it is as long. Due to this breed being a symbol of a tribe from many and similar to the Afghan Greyhound, they were never for sale or exported until the 70’s. However, this exportation only happened thanks to a hunter who saved the tribe from an elephant attack. As a gift, they gave him a pair of these dogs.

Scottish Greyhound

Upon sight, this breed doesn’t look like a Greyhound. However, it has the characteristic long legs and slender body. For years, hunters in Scotland used this dog to hunt deer and wild boar. This breed was perfect not only due to their speed but also for their strength.

Scottish Greyhound in the woods

The origins of this breed are unknown. Some people believe that the Phoenicians took them to Scotland, while others believe it was the Celts.

This breed’s long hair helps protect them from the cold of Scottish winters. Interestingly enough, this dog doesn’t have long hair on the lower parts of their legs. They are hairless, like a sheep’s legs.

Banjara Greyhound

This is one of the more unknown Greyhound breeds. It originated from Banjara, India. Some people believe that this dog should not even be considered a breed.

Banjara Greyhounds running through a field

However, its long, tall, slender appearance leaves no doubt that it’s a greyhound. Although, it has facial features that indicate it has been crossed with another breed, which is why many people question its origin. Regardless of their origin, this breed’s speed and abilities have earned it a place among the most famous Greyhound breeds.


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