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8 Mistakes People Make When Taking Their Dog to the Park

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8 Mistakes People Make When Taking Their Dog to the Park
Last update: 04 July, 2018

There is no doubt that the park is one of your dog’s favorite places. It is possible that taking your dog to the park can also be relaxing for you, more so if the area is fenced. You can use your time to read or relax while your dog plays with other dogs.

However, there are several common mistakes that you may make. Additionally, these could cause problems with other dogs, with the owners of these dogs or even with the law. To avoid them, we will tell you about these mistakes in this article.


The Most Common Mistakes People Make in the Park with their Dog

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Not Collecting Their Stools

Although it seems obvious that this is something you must do, it is one of the most common mistakes people make when taking their dog to the park. Think for a moment: if nobody collected their dog’s stools, would we have a clean park to take our pet to? The answer is obvious.

Additionally, just by taking the action that does not require any effort, we will contribute to the cleanliness of the park. And of course, this will also help prevent your dog or any other dog from getting sick.


Not Training Their Dog

We are not talking about training your dog how to do a backflip—far from it. But it is essential for your dog to know how to obey orders, such as “down” or “come”.

This way, if your dog is taking something that is not theirs or bothering another dog or person, you can stop it with very little effort. And facilitate enjoyable time in the park for others.


Letting Their Dog Exercise in the Park

Releasing your dog in the park upon arrival, after having spent time holding in his or her adrenaline, is not a good idea. Especially if there are already other dogs in the park.

Your dog will be in a state of excitement that will transmit to the other dogs, and this is sure to cause problems. Therefore, either take your dog out to do a little exercise beforehand, or wait a reasonable period time before letting your dog off the leash.


Not Stopping Rude or Unpleasant Dogs 

Dogs do not like being with unpleasant dogs, in much the same way that we do not like to be with unpleasant people. Dogs do not speak the same language as we do, but they do communicate through signs of calm.

If one of the dogs is following the canine protocol, and another dog ignores it, this could generate a fight between them and you have a duty to stop this. For the good of both your pet and the other pet involved.


Letting Their Dog Play While On the Leash 

Some owners are afraid to let go of their dog and allow them to play with dogs that are loose. This is a mistake. A dog that is on a leash will feel more insecure and less confident than one that is loose.

Your dog will feel intimidated by the other dogs that are not tied up, which could cause a fight to break out.  Therefore, either do not let your dog off the leash and only let him or her play with other dogs on leashes, or let him or her loose, only after making sure the animal is not endangered by playing with others.


Taking Their Female to the Park While She is in Heat

If you have a female dog and she is in heat, do not take her to the park, under any circumstanceThis would cause an uncomfortable situation, and if you let her off the leash, it is very likely that she will try to run away. So, avoid these types of issues before they come up.


Letting Small Dogs Play with Large Dogs

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Small dogs are sometimes seen as prey by larger ones. Therefore, if you have a small dog, make sure that the big dogs in the park are peaceful and playful.

If not, it is best that you either go elsewhere, or stay close to your dog and keep him or her on a leash.


Being On Their Cellphone 

Remember that a dog is like a child: it cannot fix problems that it causes by itself, and it depends on the owner for everything. Dogs also need constant surveillance, so being on your cellphone while your dog is on the loose in the park, is not a good idea.

This could cause a fight to ensue, or cause your dog to run away without you realizing it. It is possible that, even when you realize your dog has escaped, it may be too late.


This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.