Cats or Dogs: Which Do You Prefer?

We may see it as rivalry, but cats and dogs just have very unique and somewhat different personalities. Both show us different aspects of unconditional love, individuality and independence.
Cats or Dogs: Which Do You Prefer?

Last update: 28 September, 2019

We human beings tend to put things in antagonistic terms as if we constantly have to make choices or take sides. It happens in politics, in sports, and arts. There’s almost no topic where the question “this or that?” doesn’t come up. Wine or beer? Sea or mountain? Movies or theater? And of course, this famous little question also comes when talking about pets: which do you prefer, dogs or cats?

Cats, dogs, and humans: relationships with a long history

A cat and a dog with their owner.

While there’s nothing wrong with not knowing which team to kick for, we shouldn’t go too far either. Why can’t we like the sea as much as we like the mountains, wine as much as beer and dogs as we like cats?

The rivalry between these two species has existed since they evolved naturally around the world. This rivalry is supposed to have been born from disputes over food.

We humans, then, appeared in the story of their evolution. With the passage of time, affection between the human species and these animals was born out of a relationship of mutual convenience. As a result, little by little, we turned them into our pets.

Maybe it was by simple observation, or because of our own antagonistic way of looking at things, but we even coined the famous saying “they fight like cats and dogs” inspired by this “rivalry”.

Probably approaching things in an antagonistic way in relation to pets and trying to find which is the superior species won’t get us very far.

The word “competition” shouldn’t be used between dogs or cats

It’s quite evident that many dogs insist on chasing cats, as well as felines enjoying teasing dogs from afar.

However, it’s also true that over the years these two species have learned to live peacefully together in a house with their human families. And, in many cases, they’ve also forged relationships of unconditional love and friendship.

Therefore, it’ll depend on a person’s likes and dislikes when it comes to choosing a pet, and whether he or she is inclined towards having a friend who meows or one who barks, or maybe both! Or some other kind of pet…

In any case, the worst thing we can do when it comes to pets is to make them compete with each other. Don’t you agree?

Having a pet should be a decision made responsibly

When deciding to adopt a furry friend, there are many things we need to take into account. Of course, it’s natural that personal taste or preference will determine the choice between dogs or cats.

But we must also think in terms of responsibility towards the pet we’re adopting or buying.

Some things to consider before adopting:

  • The space available at home
  • The hours the animal must spend alone
  • The financial ability to meet the costs of food, veterinary services, accessories, etc
  • How much time we can devote to playing with them, for walks, and for hygiene
  • How the human family group is made up

When choosing to adopt, do it with love

Therefore, in addition to a matter of taste, choosing a pet is also a decision that must be made based on our current living conditions.

But most of all, it’s something we must involve the heart in. There’s no point in having a pet just to follow a trend, or for social status.

There’s nothing wrong with preferring a cat over a dog, or vice versa. The only wrong thing is not loving your furry friend or subjecting him to different kinds of abuse. Humanizing your pet and being irresponsible by not guaranteeing their minimum needs are among the results of this lack of love.

It’s also great to be chosen by the animal

Cats or dogs? This is a cat with her owner.

So we’re back to the beginning. It’s fantastic to be able to choose and make decisions in life, yet we don’t need to go to extremes to enjoy and exercise this freedom.

To sum it up, whatever floats your boat is what you should choose, as long as you do it freely. It’s definitely a big plus and a joy to also be chosen by your pet to be their friend. For this and many other reasons, we should take good care of them and love them with all our hearts.

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