Field Spaniel

Field Spaniel

Last update: 28 July, 2018

In this article you can learn about the Field Spaniel which is an English breed that could definitely be used as a hunting dog. Would you like to find out more about it? Read on!

Field Spaniel, a very special dog

History and Origin

People claim that this breed is related to Cocker Spaniels, due to their origins being the same. However, in 1892 they were separated and therefore two different breeds appeared.
This breed didn’t take long to succeed, because of its beautiful appearance and pleasant personality. However, breeders were determined to create a dog with one solid color and no spots, which led to the extinction of the original spaniel. They were crossed with other breeds in order to have shorter legs and longer bodies. However, this caused many genetic problems when they were considering the winners of the dog exhibitions.
In order to recover what they had lost, i.e. the original Field Spaniel, the breeders began to cross it with the English Springer spaniel, which in turn curbed the genetic problems and preserve the breed. However, its popularity never reached the same heights, and even today it is a virtually unknown breed.

Physical Traits of the Field Spaniel

It looks very similar to the Cocker Spaniel. It is medium-sized, very furry, with long droopy ears and a noble look. Males usually measure about 45 cm tall and females measure up to 43 cm. The weight of both range from 23 to 50 kilograms.
This breed’s head is round, with a long narrow snout, and dark brown almond-shaped eyes. His body is imposing, muscular and strong with a deep chest. Also, they generally don’t have tails, since they are traditionally cut, and some are even born without them.
field spaniel
Their legs are proportionate to their bodies, and they have a lot of very soft and silky fur, like the fur on the rest of their bodies. Their feet are round and compact, which are great for supporting the body, walking and taking long steps.
On the other hand, this breed’s fur is abundant throughout the body, but more so on its legs, chest, ears and belly. The accepted fur colors are tan, black and reddish. In some cases, these dogs may have reddish markings, but they shouldn’t stand out more than the main color. In some cases, white Filed Spaniels have been accepted by the clubs, but this is unusual.

Personality of the Field Spaniel

Although they were originally used as hunting dogs, they are very good as pets, just like other spaniels. These dogs are very docile and easy to train, but they need a lot of exercise. They tolerate children and are extremely loyal.
They are very attached to their owners (especially to the one they consider to be the alpha), however, sometimes they can become obsessive.

Care and Health

Their fur requires a lot of care, because its texture and length requires daily brushing to prevent it from getting tangled. You must clean their eyes every day, since eye residue can stick to their fur and cause infections.
The shape of their ears makes them an ideal place for parasites and bacteria to hide and cause diseases. Therefore, it’s necessary to check them on a daily basis and clean them with a cotton ball or clean cloth.
In conclusion, this is a very loving and faithful animal that will make your days even more wonderful. Will you consider getting one as your next pet?

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