Golden Retrievers: One of the best dogs for families

Golden Retrievers: One of the best dogs for families

Last update: 02 July, 2018

A calm and docile character means Golden Retrievers are a sociable, intelligent and kind animal.

This breed of dog enjoys socializing with people and other animals. For this reason, they are a good companion for children and large families.

Much like Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers see their everyday life as an entertaining game. They demand attention from their owners and enjoy physical activity.

Origin of the Golden Retriever

golden retriever

This is the story of a breed that is the perfect hunting dog. Important in British society at the start of the 20th century and initially known as the, “Yellow Flat-Coated Retriever.” They soon became a humanitarian dog.

Their friendly disposition and continuous desire to please, makes them the third most popular family breed by registration in the United States. They are the fifth most loved dog in Australia, and the eighth most famous breed in the United Kingdom. Little by little, their popularity has spread throughout the world.

The Golden Retriever’s disposition

His ability to show affection and kindness are also celebrated by disabled people and those who need their help. Golden Retrievers are quick to learn, docile and make the perfect family pet. They cannot stand loneliness and are playful and patient.

They are an ideal companion for children, because they are not aggressive or territorial and have a calm and friendly demeanor. This is ideal for a family dog.

Although Golden Retrievers adapt perfectly to living in an apartment, do not forget that their size, musculature and dynamic character require a lot of exercise.

Their temperament is as attractive as their fur, and they make an ideal family dog ​​for all ages. They have intelligence, a friendly disposition, joy, elegance and beauty. Easy to train and very versatile animals, they also make good hunting dogs.

Although they are affectionate and cuddly, a Golden Retriever will be aggressive if he or his owner is threatened. Except for this case, it is rare to see the slightest sign of any aggression on their part. They are hospitable and accept strangers and guests very well, they are well received.

The need for space

The fact that Golden Retrievers are ideal dogs does not mean that they are suitable for every owner, or for life in any place. Thanks to their characteristics, they are good choice for active people, lovers of sports and outdoor outings. They are also suitable for family environments in large homes, especially if there is a yard or open countryside nearby.

The only disadvantage to a Golden Retriever, is his hyperactivity. From puppies and until well into adulthood, they like to play non-stop, all day and at all times. They love to jump, walk, run, get into water and mud, be in human company and they do enjoy physical contact.

For serene and calm people, looking for a quiet companion, this is possibly not the right breed. However attractive Golden Retrievers may be.

How do you keep them from becoming hyperactive? Keep them busy, lots of exercise, playing fetch with a ball and other objects, walks in the country, etc.

Traits and physical appearance

golden retriever

Golden Retrievers are medium-size dogs, with a body slightly longer, than it is tall. Their dense and beautiful golden fur is what characterizes them perfectly.

They have an elegance and are well-balanced animals, powerful, active and make movements with poise. They are well known for a gentle and kind facial expression, and are an unmistakable sign of nobility and surrender.

Their heads are well-proportioned in relation to their bodies, without seeming to be very top-heavy. Their features are beautiful, with perfect-size eyes and an expression that is both friendly and intelligent.

Golden Retrievers have snouts that are wide and deep with a perfect bite. Necks are muscular with no dewlap and as we look at their bodies, we see the line that runs along their back is horizontal.