Help Your Puppy Get Used to His New Home

New pet owners may not know how to react to their new puppy. However, you have to also keep in mind that your new family member has to get used to his new home.
Help Your Puppy Get Used to His New Home

Last update: 06 January, 2019

New means uncertainty for a good number of people. It makes us nervous and can even scare us. This also happens to our pets. Bringing a new puppy into your home may bring a lot of joy to the family. However, for the animal, it’s a completely new experience that they won’t know how to deal with if you don’t help them. Do you want to know where to start?

What should you do when a puppy arrives at their new home?

There are several tips you can follow to help your puppy get used to their new home immediately. You can’t expect this to happen in a matter of a few minutes. It’s a process that will take several days. So, be patient and don’t worry.

Give them their space

It’s normal for your new friend to be the star of the family. It makes sense because they’re so cute and small! You’ll want to hold them all the time and start training them to come when you call them in order to pet them. Be patient, stay calm and give them time.

You will have plenty of time to train your puppy commands and pet them. Think about it. They feel strange because they don’t know you, and they prefer smelling around the house, examining it and look at the place they’re going to live. Leave them alone for a bit. And, if there are nay children in the house, tell them to do the same.

Prepare your home

Before bringing your new puppy home, you should have their place in the home prepared. Have a place for their water bowl, food and bed. 

As soon as you bring your puppy into the home — it would be a good idea to carry them to make them feel safe — leave them on the floor by their food and water. That way they know that it’s their’s and they that he can drink it. They may be thirsty upon arriving at your home.

Then, show them their bed. Let them explore it while you pet them. But, as mentioned before, if they want to go somewhere else, let them explore because it’s part of the process.

Introduce them to the family

If there are more people in the house, let everyone meet the puppy individually. Make sure this is done with gentle movements and without anyone shouting. Everyone can hold them in their arms, pet them and whisper gently to them. If there are too many people in the home, it’s best to divide up the encounters. This will keep the puppy from getting overwhelmed.

Keep the house quiet

Try not to move anything around, or have any visitors or parties during the puppy’s first few days at home. Remember that dogs are routine animals and they need to be able to create one in a calm and relaxed environment.

Protect them from any dangers

A puppy is like a baby, and curiosity is their weakness. For them, everything is new. So, they want to explore, know, smell, look and touch everything. If you think there’s something at home that could hurt him, like cleaning products, or something that could bite or hurt them, protect them from it. Avoid any dangers by closely keeping an eye on everything.

Most importantly, take any cables out of their reach. If necessary, cover the plugs like you would if you had a baby in the house. Every little precaution is helpful. As you train them, you can teach them what they can and can’t touch.

Be patient

It’s normal that both of you will take time to adapt. It’s also true that they’re not old enough to go outside yet, so they’ll have to relieve themselves elsewhere. Most likely they’ll do it in the house. Don’t scold him. Instead, try placing newspaper around the house so that they can get used to relieving themselves on them until they’re old enough to go out for a walk.

Even if they don’t use them, we insist that you don’t scold them. This may damage their trust in you, and he may develop a fear of you instead of love. However, there is no need to worry. They will learn to relieve themselves outside and not bite your shoes. It just takes time.

Having a new puppy at home will create some frustrations that you have to be prepared to deal with. These tips will help you with that. And congratulations on welcoming your new friend to the family!