How to Know if You Are a Responsible Pet Owner

How to Know if You Are a Responsible Pet Owner

Last update: 24 December, 2018

Any animal lover who decides to get a dog desires only one thing: to be a responsible pet owner. And to have a pet means having more responsibility in life, a small being that will totally depend on their owner.

If you’ve never had a dog before and you’re worried about what the things you should and being a responsible owner, read the following tips to make sure your dog is well taken care of.

Do you already have a responsible lifestyle?

Responsible pet onwer with her two dogs in the woods.

Author: Ana Fuentes

Nobody is born responsible, people learn how to be responsible. However, a person must not wait to have a pet in order to be responsible, rather before getting a pet you should examine yourself and see if you already are and if you’re able to have a living being that depends on us.

Now, how do you know if you are responsible enough to have a dog? Analyzing the following issues:

  • You have respect towards the life of other living beings. If you love and respect the lives of other living beings and also motivate others, especially when it comes to dogs. It’s a sign that you love and respect life. And if you had one in your hands that depended on you, you would take full responsibility for it.
  • If you’re willing to assume expenses for the sake of your dog. If you’re responsible for your payments, if you have enough money to cover the medical expenses and protection of another living being, you may be responsible enough to have a dog.
  • You’re available. In order to have a dog, you must have time to live, play and have fun with your dog.
  • Be reasonable and flexible. These two qualities will help you support your dog’s hobbies as well as giving them your love instead of giving them strict, dictatorial training.

How to know if you are a responsible pet owner

Pets not only have physical needs but emotional and other types as well. So if you already have a pet, knowing what you are doing is essential in providing them a good, quality life. If you are doing this, congratulations! You are a responsible pet owner:

  • Talk to your veterinarian to find out what food is best for your dog.
  • If you buy the right food and give it to your dog at a set and reasonable times. It’s important that you set your dog’s schedule to eat (much better if it’s after you) and that you follow through with those times.
  • Take your dog for a walk for at least 15 minutes, 3 times a day and always pick up their feces.
  • Train your dog to learn basic commands.
  • Never abandon your dog and never put them in dangerous situations.
  • Buy necessary accessories for a pleasant and happy life.
  • Spend quality time with your pet in which you give hugs, caresses and loving words.
  • Take them to the vet for checkups on a regular basis to make sure they’re healthy.
Onwer walking with her dog.

Having a pet is much more than just having a furry little animal that runs around in your house. It’s a living creature that will depend on you and you’ll have to take care of them and love them the rest of your life. Or rather the rest of your pet’s life (that’s if you don’t have a turtle).

Obviously, not all pets are the same and each one has different needs. So if you don’t have one yet and you know what species you want to get, then it would be a good idea to do a little research. Even talk to a veterinarian to know what your pet will require from you.

Just remember that getting a pet can in some way will limit your freedom to do certain things. So, think carefully before adopting one.