How To Know If Your Dog Is Happy

How To Know If Your Dog Is Happy
Francisco María García

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

You’ve probably wondered what your dog would say if he could speak. Although you’re never going to hear anything like words coming from his mouth, there are actually certain signs and signals he sends that can help you understand him and let you know if he’s happy.

Signs that your dog is happy

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If a dog is happy, his eyes will be relaxed and bright and he’ll blink gently. If you look closely, your dog’s eyes don’t always look the same. When they’re narrowed and intense-looking, it means he’s angry and likely to be aggressive.

By observing him in different settings and doing different things, you’ll see the different expressions he wears and get better at reading his mood.

A relaxed mouth

When your furry friend is happy, he holds his mouth slightly open, almost like a smile. But body language is very indicative of how your dog is feeling. If his mouth is open because he’s panting, he might be hot or stressed, not necessarily happy.

Ears and tail

If a dog is happy, he has his ears relaxed and natural. When his ears are up and forward, it indicates that he’s interested in something happening around him. While ear shapes vary by breed, the meaning is always the same.

A lot has also been written about the language of a dog’s tail. A happy dog wags his tail from side to side, making his whole body move. When the tail moves stiffly, without the rest of the body, he’s observing his surroundings.

Aggressive behavior

Some dogs are aggressive and destructive and bite everything in their path. Keep in mind that this attitude could be a sign of stress or boredom. When they’re happy, dogs do not bite people or animals; instead, they bite and play with toys.


If a dog is happy, he doesn’t lose his appetite; rather, he’ll eat without problems. When your pup doesn’t want to eat, it could be a symptom of illness.

Energy and activity

When it comes to sleep time, dogs are not like cats; they do not have to sleep 20 hours a day. While age and health come into play, a happy dog ​​should be active most of the day.

He’ll like to go for walks and play. When a dog is reluctant to be active, it is a sign that he’s not well. You should take him to the vet to make sure he’s not sick or injured.

How to make your dog happy

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There are lots of little things you can do daily to keep your dog happy and content.

  • Treat your dog with love and affection. The key is to treat him like a friend or family member and give him your full attention and love.
  • Spend more time playing with your dog. There are all kinds of games you can play. Grab a ball or a toy and keep him active and young.
  • Your dog likes to be scratched, especially behind his ears. Give him a loving pat on the head or a relaxing belly massage.
  • Keep in mind that as he gets older, he’ll increasingly enjoy simply sitting around and being pet by his favorite human.
  • The park is his paradise. Walk you dog in the park as often as you can. Let him sniff around and play with other dogs.
  • Don’t put tight chains around his neck or tie him up. Dogs love to run and play; that’s just how they are!

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