Learn Everything About Animal Telepathy

While it may seem to be fantasy, some people argue about animals using telepathy, especially when there's a good bond between owner and pet.
Learn Everything About Animal Telepathy

Last update: 30 November, 2018

It’s obvious that humans form special connections with other beings that inhabit this planet. This relationship can be formed in different ways, and there are even some therapies and methods that help to increase this connection. In this article, you’ll be reading about animal telepathy.

What is animal telepathy?

Starting with the basics, telepathy is the ability to psychically transfer ideas between different individuals. This concept is older than what most people think. The ancient civilizations claimed that they had superior contact with beings, through their spirits and souls.

Today’s modern society seems to have taken away the concept of the people’s ability to “listen” to plants and animals. However, it’s just a matter of practicing a little and, above all, believing in it.

Other living beings — besides humans — have the ability to communicate with one another without words. They can also recognize some things that humans can’t. For example, dogs know their masters are home not only because of their sense of smell or hearing but because of something that’s known as “animal telepathy.” It’s believed that this happens because the owners “unintentionally” communicate that they’re on their way home.

There are even very interesting cases. For example, a dog looking at the phone right before it rings, or them reacting differently depending on who’s calling. Also, we can’t ignore the fact that some dogs’ behavior change when their owners have an accident hundreds of miles away.

Animal telepathy is usually in several species, especially dogs

Telepathic communication takes place between people and animals when there’s a connection, and affection, between them. The problem is humans don’t have that same habit of communicating, which is why you’re unable to understand what’s happening to your pet or what they’re thinking when you’re not by their side.

Animal telepathy and memory

According to research on animal telepathy, this happens due to “morphic fields” of a collective memory that works between families or tribes. If dogs can respond telepathically to their owners, it’s because they can capture their feelings or thoughts because they feel like part of the home.

Some people may think it sounds like fiction because there’s no scientific evidence that backs it up and it’s solely based on literature or beliefs. However, many tribal societies around the world have used this type of communication between group and family members since ancient times. However, this hasn’t only been seen with this species, but also with animals.

Being able to understand the animal kingdom is more complicated than what’s seen in works of fiction. It’s not like in the Eddie Murphy movie where the protagonist could talk to dogs, cats, ducks and horses. Also, while there aren’t many studies on the topic, many agree that it exists, but not all humans have developed this ability.

Cat using animal telepathy

Communicating through telepathy is fine tuning that’s taking place in our own magnetic field. In other words, it’s like turning on a channel that has been turned off for a long time, and there seems to be problems with the connection, kind of like turning on a radio.

How would humans use telepathy?

Animals think, feel choose and decide…but humans don’t know how to read their minds. If telepathy actually does exists, how would you use it? For example, you could know when something bad happens to your pet, you would be able to anticipate certain events, and even use it to complement medical treatment.

It would also help you understand many of your pet’s behaviors. You would live with your pet better coexist, improve their training and know your pet better than you know anyone else.

Everyone has the ability to “talk” by using their minds. It’s just a matter of learning how, and practicing how to use telepathy. If you love animals, you can use telepathy to connect with them and give them what they need.