Learn How to Ride a Motorbike with Your Dog!

Is it safe to ride a motorbike with your dog? Find out in this article!
Learn How to Ride a Motorbike with Your Dog!

Last update: 16 December, 2019

If you own a motorcycle and can’t wait to go for a ride with your dog, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll tell you how to ride a motorbike with your dog.

Many pet owners already know the rules and regulations for transporting pets during car trips. On the other hand, very little is said about how to ride with our furry friends on alternative vehicles such as motorcycles. However, motorcycling can be a high-risk experience for your pet if you don’t take some precautions. Here are some of them.

Remember that motorbike rides have a high degree of risk. It’s always important to drive with caution and take certain measures to avoid serious accidents. In addition, you’re responsible for your life and your pet’s, as well as other drivers and pedestrians.

The possibility of riding with your pet on a holiday

When it comes to holidays or taking long walks, the truth is that many pet owners find themselves in a dilemma. As a result, their immense desire to travel simply isn’t compatible with separating from their best friend!

A dog waiting before riding a bike.
Photo credit: llee_wu

If you learn the rules and apply the required safety measures, it’s no longer necessary to leave your pet under the care of others.  Moreover, you’ll find that it’s actually permitted by law to transport pets in motorized vehicles such as automobiles, motorcycles, and vans.

Is it beneficial to ride a motorbike with your dog?

A reality in many large cities is that motorcycles now occupy the space that used to belong to cars. In addition, there are many reasons to prefer buying and riding a motorcycle rather than larger vehicles.

Motorcycles are more practical and have excellent cost-benefits for a big city. They take up less space, weigh less, and consume less fuel. In sum, they are easier to maintain and to clean.

However, they obviously aren’t a good option for transporting a family, since they’re only capable of taking up to 2 people at the time. Nevertheless, they’re still a very good choice for those who want to go out with their pets without having to buy a car.

It’s not that riding a motorcycle with your dog is good for vacations only. It’s a useful alternative to taking your dog to the vet or transporting them inside your own city. As a result, you’ll make your (and your dog’s) day-to-day routine easier.

However, the question that matters most is whether traveling on motorcycles with your pets is permitted. In order to do this, it’s necessary to comply with parameters established in the law and to take due care. Thus, it’s a question of guaranteeing the safety of the pet, its owner and others in transit.

Although the law serves to regulate transit, it doesn’t specify any special care in the case of transporting animals. Nevertheless, the precautions that must be followed are taken into account. The important thing here is not to affect your driving negatively, putting the safety of any other driver or pedestrian at risk. Naturally, this also includes the transported animal’s safety.

How to safely ride a motorbike with your pet

In order to do this, the pet must be transported correctly and using adequate equipment. There are 3 main ways to ride with your pet safely. However, the choice must be made considering each person’s preference or the possibility of investment, and the animal’s size and weight.

Dog carrier backpack

These can be used for small pets weighing up to 22 or 26 pounds. It can be carried on the back (less weight) or between the legs (up to 26 pounds). These backpacks are sold in pet shops. In addition, they must also have the necessary ventilation so that the animal can breathe properly.

Motorbike seat

A firm carrier or seat can be installed at the rear of the motorcycle. It’s a good choice for larger, heavier pets that don’t fit in backpacks. Choose a suitable one for your motorcycle, with ventilation and padding to avoid exposing the animal to hard impacts or bumps.


This is the best option for transporting larger and heavier animals. However, we don’t recommend transporting pets on a sidecar if you haven’t trained them for it, as they can cause serious accidents.

Some advice for the trip

We recommend that you follow these tips to ensure a safe and comfortable journey for you and your pet:

A dog with his owner.
Photo credits: Cristina Fernandez y Romero
  • Help the animal to feel safe little by little and don’t force it to remain in an uncomfortable situation.
  • Drive consciously, respect the traffic rules and don’t go faster than the speed limits.
  • In the case of long trips, research in advance for lodging places that accept pets.

Before you ride a motorbike with your dog, it’s essential to take it to the vet and keep the vaccination card and anti-parasite treatments up to date. In addition, taking care of your best friend’s health is essential everywhere and at all times!

We hope this article will help you get on that motorcycle and take a fun ride with your dear friend, enjoy your trip!

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