Names for Short-Haired Dogs

Names for Short-Haired Dogs

Last update: 12 June, 2018

With these original names, dogs will be able to distinguish themselves from others when they’re at the park. 

Classic names for dogs like Max, Buddy, Luna, or Princess are overused. That’s why you can use this list of original names for short-haired dogs in case you need ideas for naming your new dog.

Original names for short-haired dogs

Some families don’t mind giving a common name to their dog because they are easy to remember and it isn’t difficult to find a nice one. However, dog parks are full of dogs named Lucy, Lola, and Charlie.

Dogs are unique, so their names should be as well. Your dog won’t get confused at the park when someone calls another dog with the same name. Furthermore, there are many, diverse names for short-haired dogs that are easy to come across. You can use some suggestions below:

Names inspired by artists

If your dog has a smart-looking face or seems intelligent, a name inspired by a great artist could be a good choice. Unfortunately, history has left us with few known female artists, but since most of these names are last names, they work well for both male and female dogs.

Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, and Verdi were great classical music composers. Whereas Goya, Monet, and Dali were the best painters of their time. Frida is the only first name on this list, and she was also a great painter of her time.

Names of trees in Spanish

Names of natural elements are always a good option. At first you might feel strange about calling your dog a tree, but soon the name will seem catchy and become an unique, original, and beautiful way to call your pet.

creative dog names

Among trees names in Spanish, there are a few that work well for short-haired dogs, especially for males: Olmo (Elm), Roble (Oak), and Pino (Pine) are trees from the Iberian Peninsula. In addition, Brezo (Heather) is a very lush shrub that fills the forests with flowers during the spring.

For females you can always use the Spanish names of flowers such as Cala (Calla), Lirio (Iris), Lila (Lilac), or Lis (Lily). However, it would be even more original to use the Spanish names of trees: Haya (Beech), Sabina (Juniper), Caoba (Mahogany), and Bamboo are only a few examples. Aloe is quite well-known. It’s a succulent with medicinal properties.

Names of other animals in Spanish

The Spanish names of other animals usually suit small dogs well. Just like it is with trees, it may seem weird at first to name your short-haired dog after other animals in Spanish, but within a few days they lose their original meaning and your dog’s name will be unique.

original dog names

Some ideas of names for males could be Ratón (Mouse), Mero (Grouper), Alce (Elk/Moose), Cisne (Swan), or Pato (Duck). However, Lobo (Wolf) is more common, especially for big dogs. These names are used less in female. However, Arcilla (Squirrel), Boa, Garza (Heron), Ibis, and even Oca (Goose) are good options that are both beautiful and original.

Cities and places

Geography is full of precious names to give dogs. You can use the names cities in other languages such as Spanish.  For example, the Spanish language works well for short-haired male and female dogs because it has gender.  Names of cities that end in O, such as Oslo, sound great for male dogs.  However, cities that end in A, such as Armenia, sound wonderful for female dogs.

Paris, and Berlin are two European cities with two-syllable names that can be great for short-haired dogs. Don’t forget that Moscow or Tokyo can work well for naming your dog. You can name females after Nairobi, Vienna, or Prague. Also, countries such India, Greece, or Libya are unique names.

There are many different options for choosing an original, beautiful, and easily-remembered name for short-haired dogs. So, in order for a dog to recognize his name, it’s best to give him/her a name with two or maximum three syllables. Those two or three syllables give an infinite amount of combinations that you can use to name your short-haired dog.


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