The Criminal World of Dog Fighting

The Criminal World of Dog Fighting
Francisco María García

Written and verified by the lawyer Francisco María García.

Last update: 21 December, 2022

People train fighting dogs as of age of being a puppy. These practices are punishable by the Criminal Code. Among the breeds most used for illegal dog fighting is the American Staffordshire Terrier, a strong and courageous dog. Let’s learn more about the sordid world of organized dog fights.

Organized dog fighting: cruel and punishable by law

Dog fighting in the park.

Dog fights involve different illegal issues. From the suffering and death of animals to the theft of dogs to put them in these inhumane shows. Police are after people involved in these cruel underground activities that involve dogs .

In 2012, the Nature Protection Service of the Civil Guard (Seprona) launched several disciplinary proceedings for dog fighting.

The public services informs community on different instruments and telephones numbers to call when coming across this illegal activity of dog fights. This way, people will be able to send videos, pictures, and messages through their mobile device to identify people or places that do dogfights. These measures are encompassed in a broader strategy for the fight against animal fights.

Gambling and animal cruelty

As for the organizers of the fights, these people have all kinds of profiles, from high economic status to others with lack resources and education. These underground organizations protect the participants of dog fights, who also use online tools organize these awful shows.

In addition for it being logically difficult for the police to find the organizers of these fights, it’s necessary to mention the fact that arresting them can only be possible if the police catch them red-handed. In order to help police forces, collaboration of citizen is essential to stop and denounce organized dogfighting.

The statistics show data that situate marginal urban neighborhoods as the places that are used the most to organize these fights.

Breeding and training fighting dogs

The path of a puppy that is chosen to fight is full of suffering. It’s a circuit of torture that begins shortly after birth, after three months. In this sense, the animal is subjected to a life of cruelty and violence, lack of love. So dogs develop an aggressiveness that will “help” them to be a better fighter.

Organized dog fighting, a crime that costs time behind bars

Dog f ights are classified as a crime: “Anyone who by any means or procedure unjustifiably mistreats an animal, causing death or injuries that seriously harm their health, will be punished with the penalty of three months to one year in prison.”

Also, animal protection laws punish the organization and development of dog fights.

Among the clues for finding dog fights are the movement of dogs (dog breeds such as American Staffordshire Terrier or Bull Terrier) with a large group of people.

Rescue actions in organized dog fighting

Dog fighting in the grass.

Among the actions to defend the animals are:

  • Rescuing animals from primary, secondary and high-speed roads
  • Offer protection to abandoned and abused animals.
  • Respond effectively to the dangers of animal aggression.
  • Prevent and report to police about offenders who sale animals on public roads.
  • Help rescue wild animals and deliver them to the competent authorities so they can provide them protection.
  • Rescue animals that participate in dogfights.
  • Take action and report to police about the criminals that participate and promote dogfighting.

Everyone’s job as citizens, is to report any type of dogfighting activities to all animal protection authorities. If nothing is done to avoid it, these inhumane practices will continue.

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