What to Do When Dogs Urinate on the Bed

January 6, 2019

Dogs use their urine to mark their territory. They do this in order to show what belongs to them and establish limits with other dogs. However, as they grow from puppies to adults, they may get the wrong idea about what’s their territories and urinate in the wrong places. If this habit isn’t correct, it will remain for life.  These wrong territories can be a carpet, sofa or something much worse, your own bed! Why do dogs do this? How can you get rid of that habit? Look at the answers to these questions below.

Why dogs urinate on the bed?

Dog that doesn't urinate on the bed
There are several reasons why dogs urinate on the bed. It’s not only about marking their territory but for other reasons, you may not know about.

  • Anxiety. Anxiety in an animal can be caused by separation. If you spend a lot of time away from home, your dog may have a feeling of abandonment that will lead them to urinate anywhere. If you think this may be the problem, go to a veterinarian or animal psychologist.
  • Overexcitement. Dogs, especially when they are puppies, tend to get so excited that they end up urinating. Kind of like when people laugh non-stop. When you play with them, take them out for a walk or when you get home, try to calm them down and help them control their emotions.
  • Poor training. If you let your dog urinate in your house, they will believe that the entire house is their territory and they’ll do it wherever and whenever they want. You must teach dogs that no part of the house is their territory but yours. Never scold them when they have been urinating in your home for quite some time because they won’t know what you are talking about.
  • Medical condition. You shouldn’t disregard the possibility of your dog having a medical condition. They may have a urinary or renal tract problem that causes them to urinate uncontrollably. If they continue to urinate in the house after receiving training, then you should take them to the vet.

Now, how to stop your dog from urinating on the bed?

One of the main problems that cause this action is allowing them to sleep in your bed. By nature dogs need a pack leader. They believe you’re the leader until the moment you have made them feel like an equal by allowing them to sleep in your bed. They might have thought that the bed was a special place and it was off limits for them, but since you allow them to sleep, they believe it belongs to them.

So, if you allow them on the bed, what they do? Mark their territory! So, it would be a good idea to not let your dog sleep on your bed. Also, keep your dog off the furniture, at least until they learn to urinate outside the house. However, if your dog urinates on the bed, you can help your dog to stop doing it. Follow these simple guidelines: Dog with owner in the park.

  • Don’t punish your dog. If dogs hear you screaming at them, they’ll get scared and won’t understand what you’re talking about, they’ll continue doing it.
  • Have a lot of patience. As your dog is learning, it’s better to close the bedroom door. Dogs must learn not to urinate on the bed even if the door is open, but closing it at the beginning of training can be very helpful.
  • Set their meal times. Give food to your dog every day at the same time and don’t leave them once they’ve finished eating. Don’t let them go to your bed after eating or drinking, you could find another surprise besides a puddle of urine.
  • Positive reinforcement. Instead of pushing them for what they do wrong, you should observe when their good behavior and reward them. If a dog relates that urinating in the right place means receiving a treat, so it’s likely they continue doing so.