When Love for a Dog Defies Borders

Beyond just the everyday care you give him, would your love for a dog make you defy borders so you don't get separated from him?
When Love for a Dog Defies Borders

Last update: 14 February, 2019

How far can one’s love for a dog go? Today we’re going to show you some stories of people who decided to adopt a pet many miles from home.

When Arthur met Mikael

We can all agree that limits and nationalities are human issues and that animals don’t understand them. 

That’s why, a few years ago, when Arthur came across a group of Swedish athletes in Ecuador, he didn’t think twice about befriending them.

Arthur was an abandoned dog that came out of nowhere. He crossed paths with Mikael Lindnord and the group of athletes that he was with. They were in Ecuador participating in a marathon in the Equatorial jungle.

The dog was skinny and hungry and, the men took pity on him. They offered him a hamburger and, after that, the animal wouldn’t stop following them.

Arthur, from the Ecuadorian jungle to the Swedish snow

Despite the difficult journey, Arthur followed the athletes from sunrise to sunset.

However, at one point, the dog threw himself into the river in order to follow them and the athletes had to bring him safely to shore. That’s how Arthur ended up taking part in the Adventure Racing World Championship. He and 690 athletes participated in 700 kilometers of hard competition that ran through the Andean region, the Pacific and the Amazon.

After the sporting event, Lindnord knew that he couldn’t return home without Arthur.

So, he took Arthur to the vets to get his wounds seen to. They also had to sort out certain necessary procedures in order for him to be allowed to travel abroad. Very soon he was able to travel to Sweden alongside his new friend and owner.

A dog with a book, a movie and a foundation

Today, Arthur happily lives with Lindnord and his family, enjoying the Örnsköldsvik snow. His story got so much attention that his owner decided to write a book about him. He and English writer, Val Hudson, wrote the book, which was entitled: The Dog that Crossed the Jungle to Find a Home. 

On top of that, there’s going to be a movie about him. The film will tell the fascinating story of what brought this dog from Ecuador to Sweden.

In addition, Lindnord began the Arthur Foundation to help stray dogs in Ecuador. This foundation helped to look after the animals that were victims of the recent earthquake that hit the country.

Three dogs sitting in a garden.

However, Arthur’s story isn’t the only one about love for a dog transcending borders. There are other less well-known and even many anonymous stories. Despite this, they’re excellent examples of how the friendship between a man and a dog can transcend geographic and political limits. Here are some more examples:

  • While visiting Cuba, Argentinian radio and television host Raul Portal came across a street dog that he named Chicha Candela. Ever since then, they’ve been inseparable. Needless to say, the dog became famous after joining her owner on some of his shows.
  • Emmy Karnot, a German, was on vacation in the Philippines when Buddy came into her life. Buddy was a beautiful puppy that she couldn’t leave behind, and he eventually traveled back to Germany with her.
  • A few years ago, another Swede was horseback riding through the Argentinian Patagonia with a guide when a dog kept following them. They say that the man, who wasn’t really a dog lover, fell for the dog as soon as he put his head on his lap. So, the traveler ended up returning to Stockholm with a new friend.
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