Why is My Dog Jealous of My Significant Other?

Why is My Dog Jealous of My Significant Other?

Last update: 20 December, 2018

When starting a romantic relationship, most likely some problems may arise with your pet until they get used to your significant other. It’s very likely that some family members will be jealous, including your pet. So don’t be surprised if you discover that your dog is jealous of your significant other. If you’re facing this problem, then read the article can give you a solution.

When your dog is jealous of your new love

Dog that's not jealous of his owner's significant other

People accustomed to living with pets always know that most likely their four-legged friend might get jealous with a new member — animal or human — joins the family.

However, scientists, who are a bit more ornery and seem to always be a step behind in some matters. However, even though some stuck-up scientist believe that jealousy is reserved for human superiority, have proved that dogs can also have these feelings.

Thus, specialists from the University of San Diego, California, managed to record, through different tests, the anguish felt by the dogs when they believe that someone, or something, can take away the affection from their owner.

A baby, another pet, and even your new significant other can make your dog jealous. Therefore, you should learn to recognize these signs of jealousy. That way, both you and your loved one will be able to help your pet overcome this circumstance that torments him.

How to prevent your dog from feeling jealous of your significant other

Put yourself in the place of your dog that’s used to receiving all your attention and, suddenly, sees their dominion crushed by the arrival of an intruder.

For this reason, it’s better to prevent things from getting complicated and look for ways that your pet and significant other can live together in peace.

To do so, ask your new loved one for help. Surely together they’ll be able to live peacefully and be happy. There are many methods that can help.

Signs that your dog is jealous

How does your dog let you know that they feel jealous of your significant other? Pay attention to these changes in their behavior below:

  • Your dog becomes irritable when your new partner is around. They bark constantly, block the access to some area of the house and, sometimes in extreme cases, can try to attack.
  • Your dog becomes possessive over you. Hovering over you to prevent your significant other from approaching you.
  • React by destroying different household objects as a way to get your attention.
  • Your dog gets depressed and loses interest in everyday activities.

Tips to get your dog to stop being jealous

The important thing is for both you and your partner to show your dog that no one will take away your love. So:

  • Give them the same attention as always, and even more. It’s important they don’t feel that you are leaving them because of your new relationship.
  • Make your dog associate your partner with positive acts: caresses, rewards, games or walks.
  • Don’t punish your dog for his reactions. You’ll only make the situation worse.
  • Correct bad behavior with patience, affection and a lot of positive reinforcement.

If after a while the jealousy persists or gets worse. Maybe it’s time to consult with a specialist in animal behavior before the situation gets out of hand.

Make sure everyone is happy

Couple walking with dog.

Nobody likes to feel out of place, so be understanding if your dog feels jealous of your significant other and also analyze your actions. Perhaps unconsciously you’re having attitudes with your pet that feed on to their behavior.

So, keep in mind that love and dedication are essential to make sure that the situation you’re going through is not ruined by episodes of canine jealousy. With patience and dedication, anything is possible.

You’ll see that, over time, your dog will be very happy to have an addition to his family, who loves him, takes care of him and accompanies him as much as or more than you do.