Dogs That Look Like Bears!

There are breeds of dogs that look just like stuffed animals and we just want to cuddle with them. Meet several breeds of puppies that look like baby bears!
Dogs That Look Like Bears!

Last update: 26 January, 2019

Nature often surprises us with animals that bear amazing resemblances to other species. In this article, we’ll be looking at some adorable dogs that look like bears.

Dogs that look like bears

Although there are some adult dogs that maintain this resemblance to bears, typically these breeds only look like bears when they are puppies. However, they are so adorable and definitely worth enjoying!

Chow Chow puppies

This breed is an example of dogs that look like bears even in adulthood. We have to say that this is one of the most special and unique dogs that we’ve ever seen. Even though they are just as beautiful when they are big, small chow chows look just like tiny bears that you couldn’t resist snuggling up with.

Newfoundland puppies

While it’s not just the black color of these dogs that gives it an uncanny resemblance to a bear, the coloring certainly does help. This breed could be mistaken for a bear cub because of its color, long hair, and the shape of its face and body. They are so cute!

Newfoundland puppies are dogs that look like bears.

German Shepherd, Akita, and Corgi mix

The breed has a combination of genes from three distinct breeds, and pictures of the puppies have gone viral all over the world. Some people have even conducted research to breed more of them and give the breed a name. This is currently ongoing, and we hope it continues – they are truly beautiful dogs!


Many videos and photos of brown poodle puppies are passed around on social networks. If you put them next to a teddy bear, it’s often quite hard to tell the difference. They’re adorable! Even their hair is similar to a teddy bear’s. In addition to this, their black eyes seem to be superimposed, just like those of a stuffed animal.


These dogs tend to look like little foxes when fully grown. However, regardless of whether they are white or brown, when they are puppies they look like bears that are in need of a great big hug!


Goldendoodles are, as you may have guessed, a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. As puppies, it can be easy to confuse them with a cute teddy bear (as long as they don’t move, of course!) Their sandy, curly hair, and perfect, round, black eyes make them look like toys. Also, with their rounded face and pointed ears, they look like little bears that you’d love to take home with you.


There’s no other animal in the world that looks more like a polar bear than a Samoyed puppy! Depending on the specimen, it’s likely that this similarity will remain as the dog grows. Be that as it may, the Samoyed is a beautiful unique animal without a doubt!

Tibetan mastiff

We don’t know how many bears live in Tibet, but we’re sure that this puppy looks a lot like them! You’ll need a double take to tell if it’s a puppy or a bear, due to its coloring and looks.

A Tibetan mastiff with a cat.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

This is one the largest puppies you could possibly find! However, its face and body don’t look anything like a dog, and it “bears” an uncanny resemblance to our ursus friends (if you’ll pardon the pun!) There are those who even say that it resembles a lion somewhat. Undoubtedly, when you see this breed for the first time, you won’t know whether to go and pet them or run away in fear!

Keeshond and American Eskimo mix

We don’t know if the people who bred these dogs had a specific appearance in mind, or if the result was just sheer chance. However, without a doubt, their resemblance to bears is really impressive. Would you like to have one at home? So would we!

Akita puppy

As with the Pomeranian, Akita puppies have an incredible resemblance to bears. However, as they grow, they actually begin to look more like wolves.

So, what do you think of all these truly special animals? Nature never ceases to amaze!

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