Tips For Taking Your Pet On Vacation

When taking your pet on vacation, it's important to pay attention to the details that will take your dog to the destination safely, such as bringing a carrier. Also, remember to bring anything your dog will need such as their toys because they will help your pet feel more comfortable. 
Tips For Taking Your Pet On Vacation

Last update: 24 November, 2018

A lot of pet abandonment takes place during the months of summer due to their owners neglecting them. Therefore use these that are useful when you’re taking your pet on vacation.

Taking Your Pet On Vacation: Holiday visits

During this time, you may be welcoming friends and family into your home that your pet doesn’t know. Or, you may be the one visiting a house with an animal that doesn’t know you.

If you’re going to have visitors, it’s best to prepare your home and your pet before the big day arrives. For example, there are some dogs and cats that may take time to adjust to the presence of strangers. They may also get stressed easily if they see people invading their territory.

In order to keep your pet and your guest happy, make sure your guest know what areas belong to your pet. This will allow your pet to have a designated area to seek refuge and to calm down. You also have to make sure your pet knows there are some places that he’s not allowed to go, like the guest room.

In order to make sure everything goes well, go over your training with your pet and be sure to remind them who’s in charge.

This is especially important for large dogs that get over-excited or cats that can get kind of wild. Also, before your visitor arrives, you can take your pet to a public park. That way you can see how they react towards strangers and you can predict how they will act with your guest. 

The art of going on vacation with your pet

For many animals, traveling and leaving their environment can cause anxiety. They may even stop eating and drinking for a good amount of time. A good way to keep your pet calm is to bring their toys, bed or blanket with you. This will make the place you’re staying at seem familiar and reassuring.

Taking hour pet on vacation in a carrier.

The goal of any owner is to ensure that their pet is as comfortable as possible. However, it’s also necessary that they travel in a cage or carrier at all times. This will keep them from moving freely around the car, bus or plane. Not doing so will put them in danger, as well as everyone else in the vehicle. There are also special seat belts for dogs in case you can’t find a carrier. 

Also, keep in mind that your pet will need some type of identification if you are traveling abroad. For example, a European pet passport. Don’t forget to also carry a first aid kit. Plue, be sure to make frequent stops during longer journeys. 

What if you leave your pet at a kennel?

Before choosing a place to leave your pet, take a close look at the site first:

  • Hygienic conditions
  • How many other animals will also be there?
  • Quality of food
  • If you can bring them their toys and bed to the kennel
Dog sniffing luggauge

There are also many websites where you can check the quality and conditions of the accommodation.

Another option is to leave your pet with a trustful friend, so they can take care of your dog while you’re away. Regardless, when you chose to welcome a pet into your life, you knew sooner or later that this moment would happen. That’s why you’ll be better off being prepared when going on vacation with your pet.