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6 Outfits for Your Yorkie

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Fashion isn't just for humans. There are plenty of people who  dress up their little Yorkies with a different outfits for every occasion. Usually what they put on their dog depends on its sex.
6 Outfits for Your Yorkie
Last update: 03 September, 2018

Yorkshire Terriers are adorable little dogs, and a lot of people want to have one. There’s a fashion trend that involves giving them a different outfit on every occasion. Do you want to know what outfits for your Yorkie are the trendiest?

What outfits can pick out for your Yorkie?

You might choose different clothes depending on whether your Yorkie is male or female. At the end of the day, they’re cute no matter what you put on them. Continue reading to find out about some ideas about what kind of outfit you can put on your Yorkie for every type of occasion.

Exercise: tracksuit

Most people like bringing their dogs with them as they exercise. For this occasion, one of the best outfits you can put on your Yorkie is a tracksuit. That’s right, a tracksuit in whatever color you like (pink is a good color for females) would be great for this activity.

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You can also buy your dog a hat, a water bottle with a straw, and — why not — some tennis shoes. There are actually world-renowned companies that make shoes specifically for dogs.

Going shopping: something casual

Due to Yorkies being so little, you can take them just about anywhere. Most big stores nowadays do allow access for dogs, so you can even take your Yorkie shopping with you.

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A casual, stylish outfit is the best choice for this occasion. If your Yorkie is male, a pair of jeans and a t-shirt would look great on him. You can also put a hat, tennis shoes, or moccasins on him.

Going out to eat: glamorous

Going out to eat or walking around with your dog is very stylish. Of course, you should adapt its outfit depending on where you’re walking around. If your Yorkie is female, put a one-piece dress with light, happy colors on her. You can also brush her hair into a bow and give her a collar with a touch of glamour.

You can buy doggy tuxedos in many stores. It’s a great look if your dog is male, and you’ll have everyone’s eyes following you while you take your Yorkie out for a walk.

In the snow

This is one of the most favorite outfits for a lot of people. Bundled up, snow-ready Yorkies look ridiculously cute. A winter coat, sunglasses to protect them from the sun, and mittens to protect their pads is a perfect look. 

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Maybe it’ll even ride a sled with you. Either way, most likely you’ll get plenty of attention on social media with this look, and your photos will be super authentic.

At the beach

Now, let’s change from cold to hot. There are plenty of different beach outfits for Yorkies at the store. Bathing suits, sun hats, caps, bikinis, beach games, sun glasses…

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Choose a bathing suit you like for your male or female dog including all the accessories you want. You can even get them a bone-shaped towel!

In the country: rugged

Any sunny day when you decide to have a picnic in the country, you can obviously bring your dog.  There are a lot of clothing options for type of occasion. You can put some jeans or even overalls and a plaid shirt on your Yorkie.

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To make it even better, you can get a stuffed animal for them that matches the table cloth. If your dog is a male, a colorful handkerchief will look amazing.

What do you think about these Yorkie outfit ideas? You’ll be right with all the current fashion trends if you follow these tips.

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