Birds as Pets: Better in Pairs

Birds as Pets: Better in Pairs

Last update: 26 July, 2018

Having a bird at home is an excellent choice. The fact that they’re not so hard to take care of, plus their singing, make them a favorite pet for many people.
They can be very sociable animals, and they enjoy living in couples. So you may be asking yourself what birds are the most loyal, and what should you consider when choosing a pair of birds as pets?

The animal kingdom, two by two

Many animals are characterized by their faithfulness to a partner throughout their lives. Among them, are different species such as swans, wolves, penguins, owls, condors and beavers.

All of them share the peculiar trait of choosing a partner and living with together until death. They get together during adulthood, mate, have their offspring and remain faithful for their entire lives.
Sometimes people don’t realize it — like many non-domestic animals — birds also enjoy having company. Next, we’ll share a list of bird species that are faithful pets:
A bird couple


The parakeet is a good pet to keep at home because it doesn’t require much care, so it’s one of the most common birds in many homes. These birds are very special because they enjoy having company, especially next to their life-long partner.


You should have a large cage in order to get at least two parakeets. However, avoid putting two females together, because they can fight when in they are in heat.  

Feeding and hygiene

Its diet is based on seeds, fruits and vegetables such as lettuce or apples.  It’s also important to clean their cage every day, especially if there is more than one inside because these birds defecate every 15-20 minutes.

A faithful bird

When these birds become a couple, they are inseparable. They are able to have offspring, either in a domestic environment or in the wild.

If one of the partner dies, they the other will usually look for another one of the same species, with whom he/she will mate forever. Therefore, you should keep them in pairs in order for them to always be happy. 

What to keep in mind

If you don’t want chicks, it’s best to choose two males, because they don’t usually fight with each other. However, they won’t sing as much because parakeets sing to attract the opposite sex.

Agaporni (love birds)

This is a type of parakeet that known for its size and life expectancy. They usually measure up to 20 cm and live up to 12 years with good care.

The most faithful

This species is completely faithful to their partners, because they stay together during their entire lives. That’s why they are popularly known as “love birds”.

They are also known to “inseparable”, since love birds will recognize you as family if you have fed them yourself since they were young. This is why they are affectionate and playful with people.
It is important for them to live in pairs, in big enough cages, otherwise they won’t survive very long. They are sensitive to temperature changes and that’s why it’s important to sprinkle their feathers with some water on a daily basis.

Zebra finch

The zebra finch species is less well known among pet birds, but it has been gaining popularity. Their care is similar to that of the parakeets. They need a large cage, especially since it’s best for at least two of them to live together.
They feed on cereals or seeds and bathe on a regular basis. Therefore, you should place a container with water in their cage for them to soak in.

In pairs

This small bird with a red beak and red legs likes to have company. You should buy them in pairs, so that they don’t feel lonely and are at ease.
Two Blue Parrots


This is the perfect pet among birds if you don’t mind some extra noise in your home. It can learn phrases, be quite entertaining and give you good company at home.

Parrots are sociable, they like to interact and, if well trained, can stay out of their cages for a while. Not only do they enjoy being with their own kind, but they also greatly enjoy the presence of humans in the home.


These birds are characterized by requiring little care, fidelity and sociability. Therefore, it’s important to always keep them in pairs. Also, you must get them in authorized stores, among other things, because some of them are exotic birds.
Main image source: Ferran Pestaña