Can We Use Human Toiletry Products on Pets?

We should be strict with our pet's hygiene. That means we can't use human toiletry products on our pets. We'll tell you why. 
Can We Use Human Toiletry Products on Pets?

Last update: 06 March, 2019

The answer is simple. As much as we love our pets and consider them part of the family, we should never forget they are animals. For that reason, we should never use human toiletry products on our pets. We’ll explain why…

We should avoid the temptation to humanize our pets, thinking that whatever is good for us is also good for them. Humans and pets are different species, and that’s why our pets need their own toiletry products. 

Human toiletry products aren’t good for animals

When it comes to hygiene, we need to know that the pH level of human skin isn’t the same as that of dogs, cats, and other animals. The pH level is the standard unit that measures the acid and alkaline levels of a substance.

Human toiletry products are not good for animals.

Pet toiletry products are specifically made for each species. So forget about using your shampoo and toothpaste on your pet.

Keep in mind your pet’s pH levels when choosing their toiletry products

Keep in mind these numbers when buying hygiene products:

  • The average human skin pH level is between 4.5 and 5.9.
  • Dogs’ levels are between 6.3 and 7.5.
  • Cats’ levels are between 7 and 7.5.

That’s why you should use toiletry products specifically for the pH levels of each species.

A common mistake is to use baby shampoo on your pet. Some of these products may say they have a neutral pH level (for humans), and this makes people think they’re safe for pets.

What is the best shampoo for your pet?

So now you know — just because you get good results from your shampoo, doesn’t mean you can use it for your pet. If you do, it will probably irritate its skin greatly.

Don’t use human toiletry products on your pets. You should use a product that’s specifically made for the animal. Don’t hesitate to talk to a veterinarian about different product options.

How to choose toothpaste for your pet

You also have to be attentive to your pet’s oral hygiene. Human toiletry products, like toothpaste, shouldn’t be used for pets because they contain elements that may be harmful to animals.

There’s also something else we should keep in mind. We clean our teeth and mouths and don’t swallow the hygiene products we use. However, pets don’t know how to spit out their oral hygiene products.

Additionally, in this case, it’s important that the oral hygiene products are specifically made for pets, including the toothbrush.

More things to talk about when dealing with pet hygiene

A wet cat wrapped in a towel.

You should also keep these things in mind when it comes to your pet’s hygiene:

  • Make sure you’re using quality products.
  • If you take your pet to get groomed, make sure they’re using the right products for your animal.
  • Be sure to not to humanize your pet.

Of course, you need to keep it clean, but perfumes, cosmetics, and other human toiletry products are only for you, not your pet. Also, your pet doesn’t like them, and it might cause an allergic reaction.

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