How to keep fleas out of your home

How to keep fleas out of your home
Francisco María García

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Last update: 22 December, 2022

Keeping fleas out of your home should be a priority because the health of every member of the family depends on it. Fleas are very hardy and can survive in extreme conditions. A flea can survive over a week without food. In addition, they reproduce very quickly in the right environment, like a dog’s back. An adult female can lay over 50 eggs per day.

For all these reasons, preventing an infestation of fleas is always much easier and preferable to dealing with one once it has begun.

8 simple tips to keep fleas out of your home

1. Preventive anti-parasite treatments

People used to say you had to expose your dog to harsh chemicals if a good part of his body has already been invaded by fleas. However, these products aren’t good for the dog nor the owner.

A Golden retriever and a family.

The good news is that preventative treatments without harsh chemicals are now available. Just keep up with the application schedule using pipettes or sprays designed to repel fleas. Apply it at least 2 times per year and consult a veterinarian before choosing a product. Note: flea collars are another option.

2. Adequate lighting and ventilation

Fleas are very sensitive to sunlight and artificial light and prefer to be sheltered or hidden for protection. This is one of the reasons they like to live on your pet’s back: the fur is thick and provides shade. Therefore, make sure your home has enough ventilation and lighting if you want to keep fleas out.

3. Hygiene

Having a pet already makes it necessary to clean your home more often. To keep fleas away, it’s even more vital to clean the nooks and crannies. Waste accumulates in them and parasites can easily go unnoticed.

4. Trim your pet’s fur

Like we said, fleas like shady places to “hide” and reproduce. Thus, they proliferate more quickly on pets who have a lot of fur. We recommend that you cut your pet’s fur at least once a year, preferably in the summer. Another good habit is to brush your dog at least once a week, depending on the how much fur he’s shedding.

5. Bath time

Fleas do not like water very much; it drowns them. We recommend periodically bathing your dog. In winter, once a month is sufficient, but in summer, once a week is best. Dry his fur and skin well afterwards.

6. Use sprays and cleaners for the house

There are also products you can use in your house to keep fleas out. They range from liquid cleaners to aerosols, and they keep them from entering your house and reproducing.

7. Be careful on walks

Taking your dog for a walk is excellent for both of you. However, be careful not to expose him to fleas and ticks. Mainly during the summer, think twice about where you go for a walk, and don’t let him come in contact with abandoned or neglected dogs.

A pug puppy.

8. Natural home remedies for fleas

Natural remedies can be quite effective for fleas. The smell of certain substances can keep them from entering and spreading. In addition, they’re much less harmful to your health.

Clean your house monthly with one of the below  easy home remedies:

  • Eucalyptus oil
  • A mix of lavender oil and apple cider vinegar
  • A mix of water, lemon juice and baking soda
  • Infusion made with mint and pennyroyal

Keeping fleas out of your home is easy if you take a few preventative measures. Caring for your home is also part of responsible pet ownership and raising a healthy pet.

Source of the main image: Cristián Arriagada.


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