Is It a Good Idea to Carry Your Dog in a Bag?

We often see people carrying their dogs in a bag. But is it really a good idea? Let's take a closer look at the different pros and cons.
Is It a Good Idea to Carry Your Dog in a Bag?
Francisco María García

Written and verified by the lawyer Francisco María García.

Last update: 18 November, 2023

Practical and convenient, many people choose to carry their dogs in a bag. However, carrying your pet does come with some disadvantages. In today’s article, we want to analyze the pros and cons in detail.

Advantages and disadvantages of carrying your dog in a bag

It’s fairly common to see people carrying their dogs in bags, especially when it comes to smaller breeds. Though it might seem like a really simple and practical solution, carrying your pet can lead to issues if they start to spend more time in the bag than on their own four paws. While your pet might enjoy being carried, no animal should spend all day in a bag.

Carrying your pet can be a really good idea in winter. Some smaller breeds are unable to withstand cold temperatures, and carrying them in a warm bag can be a good alternative. In summer, however, we would advise against carrying your pet in a bag. Keeping your dog shut in a confined space during hot weather can cause great distress, and poses a serious risk to their health.

A dog in a bag.

The importance of exercise

Every dog needs at least one long walk a day, and large dogs often need several. Ensuring your pet gets enough exercise has many advantages for its health and well-being. Firstly, it allows them to burn off any excess energy, helping them sleep soundly through the night. For dogs, walks are a time for socialization, stimulation and recreation. Those that don’t get enough exercise often suffer from behavioral issues, and may even experience conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Just like people, every dog needs a daily dose of fun and exercise. If you constantly carry your dog in a bag, you’ll be encouraging it to lead an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. This can have a serious impact on its health in the long run. Moderation is the key.

Other benefits of carrying your dog in a bag

Carrying your dog in a bag can be a great idea on cold or rainy days. In this kind of weather, it’s often better for small dogs not to go outside for long periods of time.

For example, it’s practically impossible to walk a chihuahua in winter, as their fine fur means they are unable to cope with the cold weather for long. Carrying your pet for short periods of time can be a great solution. However, it’s always best to buy a bag that’s specially adapted for your pet. These days, you can find many bags that have been specially designed for specific breeds.

Carrying your dog in a bag can also allow you to take your pet into places they wouldn’t normally be allowed to go. There are many areas and businesses that won’t allow pets unless they’re in a bag or carrier. This is a really simple and practical way to ensure you can take your pet with you wherever you go.

Another good idea is to only carry your dog for half the walk. You could start by carrying them, and then let them walk home on their own. This can be useful for older dogs, ensuring they don’t get too tired, while also encouraging them to get plenty of exercise.

How to buy the right bag for your dog

Today, pet accessories are really popular among owners. Buying the right bag for your dog is very simple. You can find them in most specialist pet stores, in vet clinics and online.

If you’re thinking about buying a bag for your dog, we would recommend that you consult with your vet first, who will be able to provide you with plenty of help and advice.

Pet ownership means giving our animals all the love and affection they need. It means feeding your pet high-quality food, ensuring their safety at all times, and giving them a comfortable place to live. As we’re starting to see, carrying your pet does have a number of important advantages. However, it should always be done in moderation, limiting the amount of time spent in the bag while encouraging your pet to get plenty of exercise.

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