What Businesses Can You Take Your Pet To?

What Businesses Can You Take Your Pet To?

Last update: 21 April, 2018

It is not surprising  to let dogs enter restaurant terraces, stores and other types of establishments. They’re even allowed on buses or the subway.

When you go shopping, walking or out to eat, you might feel bad about leaving your pets at home. Besides, they do not like to be alone. You most likely would love taking them with you, but this is not always possible. Today we’ll talk about what businesses you can enter with your pet. Knowing where you can or cannot take them will make this situation much easier for you.

Businesses that allow your pet to enter

A few years ago, pets were totally prohibited access into public places. Nowadays, this has changed and there are even areas you can take your cat or dog if they are too big to fit in handbag.

Restaurant terraces

Many restaurants used to have posters stating’ no animals ‘ on their terraces. Currently, a growing number of establishments are allowing animal access on their terraces. 

Restaurants  don’t allow the access of animals – – except for guide dogs – – due to hygienic purposes. However, enjoying a good meal outdoors with your dog. cat, or any other pet is possible.

Have a delicious meal outdoors with your dog

Clothing stores

Around a few years ago, dogs were allowed access in stores.  Perhaps it may have seemed odd to you, seeing someone pass by while quietly shopping with his/her dog. Now it is allowed and you can do the same with your pet.

Clothing stores, furniture stores and many others allow the access of animals. You just have to know what stores allow them before enjoying a pleasant afternoon of shopping.

Beauty Salons

Nowadays there is no need for you to leave your dog at home for a couple hours while you are at the hairdresser. Now you can take him with you! He can wait for you until you’re done. There are even hairdressers that offer canine grooming services while you are being attended on. Have you ever imagined sharing an experience like this with your pet?

Public transportation

Around two years ago, animal access was applied on this mode of transportation in Spain.  Dogs were initially able to access the subway and then buses.
Pets can now ride in some types of public transportation
Taxis and Uber drivers also allow pets. Traveling with your pet, whether it’s a dog or any other animal, is now possible almost anywhere in the world.

Museums and other places

There are different museums, movie theaters or commercial venues that allow the access of animals. Being able to enjoy art, monuments or a good movies with your pet is a dream you thought would never come true. Well, now you can!

Things to keep in mind

Needless to say, there are many stores that allow pets to enter but this decision all depends on the management policies of every business. That means it may be legal but its not enforced.  This means every store or establishment can decide whether or not they will allow the access of animals.

Therefore, don’t get angry if some do not let you in, but be appreciative for those that do. Certainly in a nearby future, there will be many places that will allow you to spend quality time with your animal.

Remember to have all legal documents and to comply with all mandatory regulations upon entering commercial areas and walking on the street. For example, consider the type of breed you have because there may be a law requiring your dog to be leashed and muzzled.

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