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Tips for cleaning your dog's ears

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Tips for cleaning your dog's ears
Last update: 12 May, 2018

A dog’s ears are much more sensitive than people’s ears, so special care must be taken to make sure they are healthy. Good hygiene is key for preventing infection.

The power that a dog’s ears have in comparison with a human’s ears is huge, being between four or five times more sensitive to sound.

And like our ears, they tend to get dirty over time. Their ears have a very different structure from those of humans, so we will give some tips for how to clean your dog’s ears.

Infallible hearing

A dog’s ears can pick up sounds at frequencies that humans cannot hear on their own. In other words, they hear sounds that humans cannot. It’s all due to the unique structure they have.

The breed and shape of the ears affect how they hear, like if they fold over. What does the structure affect? Well, the range of sounds that it can detect. A cocker spaniel with its hanging ears cannot hear the same way as a Husky that has a pointed or stiff ear.

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In addition, their position plays into the possible health problems a dog may have. If we go back to the previous examples, the cocker spaniel is prone to getting deaf in his golden years, while the Husky may not show much variation over the years.

But if all dog breeds have something in common, it is that their ears should be cleaned every so often to keep them healthy. For many beginners, cleaning your dog’s ears is something that’s easy to forget. That’s why we want to remind you and show you how.

How to clean your dog’s ears

It should be done at least twice a week. The reason is to prevent problems that can impair their hearing and to keep their ears from being obstructed.

It’s very simple, usually just taking hydrogen peroxide, some cotton balls and a cloth to dry the area. It will be easier to do if your dog is already trained, so he won’t be fighting against you the whole time.

First of all, check the external part of the animal’s ear; if there is residue made of wax, dirt or anything else, remove it as soon as possible. If it turns out to be parasites of some kind, go to the veterinarian to find out the best way to proceed.

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Next we check how the inner area of the ear is. This part has a soft pink color that indicates that it is healthy. Clean the area very carefully and gently with a cotton ball soaked in hydrogen peroxide or saline solution for pets.

Slowly remove anything that shouldn’t be there, being careful not to let it fall into the dog’s inner ear. Try to keep the cotton ball from dripping liquid into the ear because it could be painful.

Once the cleaning is finished, dry off any excess moisture that may be in the area with another piece of cotton or gauze. The same process is repeated with the other ear. Then give your dog a treat for his good behavior.

What happens if they are not cleaned regularly?

A dog’s ears, like those of humans, secrete a natural substance that helps prevent diseases. The problem is that this substance usually gets stuck in the internal canal and blocks sound from passing through.

If the ear gets unhealthy, the dog may be in a lot of pain, because an ear infection or inflammation can be a big problem. It should also be done to prevent them from drying out and getting irritated.

Cleaning your dog’s ears is something you should get him used to starting when he’s a puppy. Remember that physical health is not only seen in the coat and body of an animal; every part of ​​his body should be at maximum health.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.