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10 Tips for Going Running with Your Dog

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10 Tips for Going Running with Your Dog
Last update: 09 July, 2018
Before you decide to go on a nice run with your dog, take a look at these ten tips that will help you get started on this healthy and productive hobby. Going on a run is a very healthy activity for humans and it’s no surprise that it’s also healthy and even recommended for dogs.
Your dog needs to leave the house in order to socialize with other dogs and enjoy the outdoors. Therefore, running with your dog can be a very good idea as long as you use your head and follow a few tips.

Follow veterinary advice

You should let your dog’s veterinarian approve that your dog’s health is ideal for running. This means your dog is free of cardio-vascular diseases, joint problems or any other complications.
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Check your city’s rules

Before you go out for a run, take a look at your city’s laws to find out if there is any requirements or prohibitions to take into consideration. For example, you should pay attention to the time that dogs are allowed to be out, or the areas where animals are not banned, such as some local playgrounds.

Plan your route before going out

You have to plan your route well, especially for the first days you go running with your dog. Unknown places will always make your dog curious and possibly scared. Therefore, you must consider the number of vehicles in the area, if the pavement might damage your dog’s paws, and the lighting of the route.

Check for danger

Although it’s not very common in the city, the moment you run off the pavement, you’ll enter a habitat that’s full of creatures.  However, don’t get paranoid because most animals are harmless. One example of a dangerous creature for dogs is the pine processionary caterpillar.

Use a proper leash

It would be best to have a place to run loose with your dog that doesn’t endanger him or disturbs other pedestrians. However, since conditions aren’t always the way you want them to be, make sure you have a proper running leash. They are easy to find at pet stores or online stores like Amazon.

Keep track of the temperature

Dogs have a greater difficulty regulating their body temperature than humans do, especially when it comes to managing heat. You must avoid the hottest hours of the day and months that have high temperatures, or your dog could be at risk of having a heat stroke. 

Control his food and water intake

Just like us, it’s not good for dogs to exercise right after eating or drinking. You must also make sure that he doesn’t indulged on food and water right after running.
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Experts recommend not to feed your dog at least an hour before physical activity.

Plan your workouts

As soon as you begin this wonderful activity, and you’ve already gone out to run for the first time, you then should plan your workouts. Also, gradually increase the intensity and reach your daily goals without getting too obsessive. To do this, you can contact a personal trainer or check with a running guide.
You can’t go out for a run one day for a couple hours and then stop until the soreness of your muscles goes away. Success is all about planning.

Respect other runners and pedestrians

The streets, mountains and parks are for everyone. Therefore, in order to have a peaceful excursion, you must be aware that you’ll share the sidewalks with many pedestrians, and not everyone likes dogs. Likewise, you must be careful not to disturb anyone. Don’t allow the leash to be too long, because it could be a tripping hazard.

Enjoy the run

This is probably the most important advice of all. Whatever you do with your pet, always try to make it a pleasant activity for the both of you.
Main image source: Constanza Figueroa

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.