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How to Choose Gifts for Pets

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How to Choose Gifts for Pets
Last update: 03 July, 2018
Statistics show that few owners care about giving birthday or Christmas gifts to their pets. However, if you are part of the minority of people who celebrate these special occasions with their dogs or hamsters, then here are a few ideas for choosing wonderful gifts for pets:

How to choose gifts for pets

Before you choose a gift for a pet, you have to keep a few “common sense” tips in mind:

  • Is the gift safe? Will it harm him?
  • Does he need this gift, or is there something else that he needs more?
  • Will he like it?
You should never give something harmful to pets. For example, a delicious but indigestible meal, a physically exhausting trip or a harmful collar are not gifts: they are unpleasant punishments for pets. If you want to give them gifts, then make sure that they will enjoy them. 
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In fact, sometimes you may be tempted to give them things that look very attractive to human eyes, but they aren’t interesting for animals: plastic objects, very sweet or bland food, bright colors…
It’s worth noting that dogs usually find things that are nice to chew on with different textures and not-too-flashy colors are more interesting to them. 
First of all, you must prioritize your pets’ needs above the gift’s visual appearance. For example, a hamster will undoubtedly enjoy a new cage with more space much more than a ball for rolling around the house. Obviously, he spends more time in the cage.
What if, instead of giving you dog a bag of doggy biscuits, you consider giving him better quality, tastier food? You can’t stress enough that needs are more important than objects.

Five gift ideas for pets: basic needs

When their basic necessities are met, your pets are happier, and physically and emotionally better off. Perhaps they might enjoy improvements in the following areas instead of a new toy:
  • Better quality food
  • Bones or deer antlers to gnaw on (dogs)
  • A bigger cage (rodents and birds)
  • A better filter (fish)
  • A higher scratching post with places to hide (cats)

Five gift ideas for pets: objects for pets

There are always more useful and developmental objects your pet will enjoy than a ball to throw around or a laser to chase. There are many options each species likes:
  • A longer leash or new harness (dogs)
  • A hammock for the window (cats)
  • A new, more comfortable bed
  • Cereal bars to gnaw on (rodents)
  • A cave (birds)

Five gift ideas for pets: objects for owners

When their owners are more happy and motivated, pets show it. You can give a gift to the animal’s owner, and not exactly to the animal itself, that could be good for both of them: 
  • A new brush
  • A book about positive reinforcement
  • Puzzles, feathers, or other games
  • A book about clicker training
  • Enrollment to a training session about stress-free walking and playing.
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Five gift ideas for pets: non-material

Gifts don’t have to be physical objects either. Some non-material objects can be much more valuable than physical ones, because they can be used to provide a better quality of life for your pet. These gifts may not be tangible, but they are useful.
They may not like some gifts at first (what dog would enjoy going to the vet?), but they can have many positive effects on the animal’s future. Thus, prevention and improvement in the pet’s quality of life can have a positive impact on the entire family.
  • Basic obedience training classes
  • Veterinarian vouchers
  • A visit to a new, bigger dog park
  • A spa session in a low-stress environment
  • Buying produce from a better supermarket (rabbits and guinea pigs)

Sine you are one of the few people who knows that there is no harm done when you take care of your pet and show him affection. Because in actuality, it improves the relationship you have with your pet.

So, go ahead and follow these basic safety guidelines, don’t get carried away by the flashy-colored toys in pet shops, and think about what your pet would truly enjoy.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.