Why Cats Don't Like the Cold

The cold doesn't just affect people, it can also take a toll on our pets. If you notice that your cat's restless or in a bad mood, it might be because he's cold.
Why Cats Don't Like the Cold
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Last update: 27 December, 2022

Cats don’t like the cold because they’re very sensitive and can easily become ill. It’s common to see them searching the house for the warmest spot during the winter months. That’s why you should take some precautions to make sure they’re comfortable and warm.

In addition to their comfort, this is also important in order to help prevent any illnesses. As a pet owner, you have to be sure you’re taking the necessary measures to maintain their body heat. Whether they’re indoor or outdoor cats, have a lot of fur or a little, they all need looking after , and much more so when it’s cold.

Balanced diet

Pets should always have a controlled diet that’s appropriate for their age. In the winter, it’s especially important to reinforce their diets and to be more attentive. This is especially true if your cat doesn’t like the cold, but still goes outside.

You should feed your cat more than normal, and ensure he gets the vitamins he needs for his development. With the right food, he’ll have plenty of energy and the basic nutrients he needs to face the cold.

Cats don't like the cold.

Well-balanced room temperature

Keeping your home at the right temperature will keep your cat from getting cold as easily. He’ll probably try out a few different spots in the home until he finds one that he likes best. To help him, you should let the sun seep in through the window and you can put a rug down; he’ll really like this.

Also, try to keep any cold air from getting into your home. You should take care of your pet in the same way you’d take care of a baby. You may even want to move his bed closer to the fireplace.

If your cat doesn’t like the cold then make sure he’s well covered up

Clothing for your pet is very fashionable. It’s not just about aesthetics, but about providing them with constant shelter and warmth. They’re great for cats who love to be outside or that live outdoors.

Also, there are certain cat breeds that have less fur or very fine fur. So, unlike furrier cats, they’re not as well protected from the elements. You should make it a priority to give them an extra layer when it’s cold outside. Otherwise, they’ll be more prone to catching a cold or being restless and in a bad mood. 

Make them a heated bed

If your cat doesn’t like the cold, give him a warm place to curl up. There are a lot of options for heated cat beds on the market. This product will help them maintain their body heat so they can sleep well.

Even though they’re perfectly safe, you should cover the bed with a blanket in order to avoid potential burns. The temperature may accidentally get too high which will end up hurting your cat. When it comes to the shape of the bed, you should go for the one you think will be the most comfortable for your pet.

Alternative, warm shelters

Cats tend to have their own favorite places to rest. So, why not recycle and build him a shelter where he can escape from the cold.

Cardboard boxes that you would otherwise throw away are great for this project. They’re actually really great for cats that don’t like the cold. Depending on the size and type of cat, you may need to cut the box down a bit.

Which cats suffer the most from the cold?

A cat asleep in a blanket.

There are some cats that are more prone to diseases caused by the cold than others.

Those that are 7 years or older, or that are ill

Like humans, older cats have fewer defenses. Some can’t do any physical activity and may even have other issues. Arthritis and other age-related issues make them more vulnerable. 


Cats never like the cold, it’s not just an age thing. When they’re small, they still don’t have a fully developed immune system. That’s why you’ll have to protect them even more. A proper diet and extra layers are essential when raising a healthy cat.

Taking care of them doesn’t mean not going out

If your cat doesn’t like the cold, you’ll have to help him deal with it as best you can. However, that doesn’t mean that you should skip trips, walks or exercise. Outdoor activities are vital for their health. So, you should follow the same routines, but just make sure he’s well protected from the cold.

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