Did You Know That Dogs Improve Their Owners' Health?

Did You Know That Dogs Improve Their Owners' Health?
Francisco María García

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Last update: 22 December, 2022

Thanks to their pets, dog owners have stronger hearts and a more resistant cardiovascular system. It also has been demonstrated that they are in a better mood during stressful situations. They may have excellent health too.

Youe friend doesn’t only offer you company, affection and love. He also improves your cardiovascular health and increases the lifespan of people who have suffered from a heart attack.

Also living with a dog protects the rest of the family’s health. Especially the youngest family members. A baby who lives with a dog will have a stronger immune system, and at the same the dog helps reduce stress.

Better quality of life

Having a dog is healthy for the family

We’ve all heard dogs are considered to be man’s best friend. They receive this title because of their loyalty and great affection. According to research, dogs are able to detect when a person is sad or depressed in order to help him/her feel better.

Dogs mainly improve people’s mood, but also cause their owners to do very healthy activities. For example, owners may take their canine out for a walk, play with them, and spend a day in the countryside or outdoors, etc.

Living with dogs strengthens the heart

You are not aware of the many benefits from living with a dog. Having a canine at home can help you take care of your heart better. It helps you live a less sedentary life and helps reduce stress.

According to European data, one out of four households have a dog. This is why it is estimated that around 70 million dogs reside with European families and benefit from these advantages.

Walking with your pet outdoors isn’t the only healthy and necessary habit for pets. Regular physical exercise also helps the owners, due to the dog encouraging them to take daily walks. Walking is a very health activity, especially for your heart.

Important psychological effects

Positive effects a dog can have on the human body are not limited to just taking care of the cardiovascular and respiratory system. Affection for an animal helps us become more sociable, and connect better with our environment.

That´s why by enjoying everyday life, playing and interacting with the environment – -thanks to your four-legged friends – – helps reduce stress associated with daily human life. Dog owners have less anxiety and recover quickly from stressful situations experienced in their day-to-day work.

Other types of studies have shown that employees who work neary their pets feel less stressful than those who leave their animals at home during work hours.

Thus, in order to benefit from all healthy facts involved with living with a dog, it is necessary to treat the dogproperly with all the love and affection it deserves.

The golden rule of being a pet owner is, giving is receiving. By playing games, petting and walking your dog will help strengthen your relationship. Consequently, you’ll enjoy it even more.

Summary of all health benefits from owning a dog

Go on a walk with your dog
  • Dogs help keep your heart healthy: According to research, the life expectancy of dog owners with heart disease is greater.
  • For babies, a pet will strengthen their immune system and reduce heart problems.
  • Outdoor walks and games with dogs improve your health, prevent and alleviate the effects of obesity.
  • Working near your dog lowers anxiety levels.  

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