How to Give Dogs Pills Successfully Every Time

With these tricks and secrets, you'll be able to get your dog to take a pill without even noticing it
How to Give Dogs Pills Successfully Every Time

Last update: 22 February, 2018

Even the most obedient pets are often reluctant to take medication. Bearing in mind that this is fundamental in order to preserve his health, we propose 5 tips to give dogs pills.

The easiest option would be to favor using liquid versions of medications. What happens is that it is often difficult to achieve a higher concentration of the active element in an aqueous solution. Therefore, the vast majority of drugs made for veterinary use tend to only be offered in their solid versions.

It is unlikely that the animal will be willing to ingest the medication naturally. That’s why some tricks have been developed to make life easier for many owners.

How do I give pills to a dog?

The most important thing when giving a dog pills is to verify that the medicine has been ingested correctly.

Therefore, it is always advisable to check the animal’s mouth to confirm that the pill is not under his tongue or stuck to the sides or the roof of his mouth. Otherwise, the animal may spit out the pill and the treatment will have no effect.

The fundamental thing to avoid harming the animal is to have patience and take care when administering any medication. Even when you can choose to give him liquid medication with the help of a syringe.

A violent administration can cause vomiting, irritation and mood swings in your pet. Therefore, when someone feels incapable or afraid to medicate an animal, it is better to go to the veterinarian and ask for help.

Some tips for giving pills to a dog

Choose chewable drugs with a pleasant flavor

Chewable medications are easier to administer, causing less work for owners and more comfort for pets. Several pharmaceutical laboratories are launching chewable versions with attractive flavors, making it possible to offer the pill as if it were a treat.

Crush the solid pills

The size of solid pills is usually the characteristic that makes it more difficult to administer. Mainly for smaller dogs or puppies.

A good option is to crush or break the pill into small pieces. The positive part is being able to administer the pill more easily and without hurting the pet. The negative part is that we must be very careful not to waste the medication and reduce the recommended dosage for our pet.

Dilute or dissolve the medication

The vast majority of medications are hydrophilic. That means that they can be dissolved in water without damaging their chemical composition and organic effects.

Therefore, one of the most practical tips is to dissolve the pill in water and inject it directly down the animal’s throat with the help of a clean syringe. You can crush the tablet to dilute it more easily.

You must administer it carefully so as to not to cause vomiting, injury or irritation in the throat and mouth of the dog. Caution should also be used when opening and keeping the animal’s mouth open during administration.

If the dog has a tendency towards irritable or aggressive behavior, it is better to use another method.

Mix the medication with food

A very good way to “camouflage” the unattractive smell and make the animal eat the medication voluntarily is to mix it with their food.

However, it is necessary to add moisture so that the powder is integrated into the food. You can choose cans of wet dog food or make a cream of rice without salt or other condiments. Simply mix the crushed medication with the food and offer it to the animal.

Make the dog swallow the pill

This is a controversial method. On the one hand, it is the best for ensuring that the medication was completely administered and, also, that is neither wasted nor does it lose its effect by mixing it with other substances.

But many people consider this an aggressive way to give a medication. Among other things, because it can cause vomiting, irritation and itching, besides irritating the dog.

Therefore, this method should not be applied with animals having violent or self-defensive behavior. It should only be chosen by more experienced owners who trust their pet.

This form of administration is simple. It consists of opening the animal’s mouth and keeping it open with one hand while pushing the pill into his throat with the other. Afterwards, you should force him to keep his mouth closed for 1 or 2 minutes and ensure that the pill is not spit out.

Source of the main image: Marco Stregatto