How to Clean Your Dog Without a Bath

When you're short on time, you can give your dog a quick cleanse without a full-on bath or shower
How to Clean Your Dog Without a Bath
Francisco María García

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Last update: 22 December, 2022

All pets need to follow certain health and hygienic routines in order to live a full and high-quality life. Cleaning a dog is no small matter, and it is just as important as healthy eating habits.

Today, the traditional method of soap and water for baths is not only the most used. It’s also the most effective by far.

However, if there is not enough time, if the weather conditions are unfavorable, or if there are other “major” reasons, there are some alternatives. These options are just some possibilities, so as not to neglect the hygiene and health of domestic dogs.

Brushing: as important as water

Brushing dogs periodically is not only a strategy for necessary health. It is also one of the best ways to strengthen the emotional connection between the animal and his owner.

According to the characteristics of each dog, the frequency can vary. Short-haired breeds can be brushed only two times a week, using a soft bristle brush and a fine tooth comb.

Dogs with an average amount of hair need to be brushed at least four times a week, and it’s worth getting a stronger brush and a wide tooth comb.

It is essential that dogs with long and thick hair submit to this routine daily, using a soft bristle brush and a wide tooth comb. It does not hurt to have grooming tools designed to untangle sizable messes of hair.

 The benefits of a dog’s cleaning

Cleaning and grooming the dog doesn’t only remove the dead fur, but also allows new hair to grow. There are more benefits, such as diminishing dirt and the presence of dandruff.

Furthermore, it’s a mechanism to not lose sight of the status of the dog’s skin and to check for any abnormalities.

Generally, you can’t groom a dog too much. If there is enough time and you feel like it, you can brush short-haired or average-haired dogs everyday.

So that the process is more comfortable for the pet and owner, you can have a grooming table where the dog sits. In addition, this will establish a positive precedent: dogs will associate climbing a table with a pleasant moment next to his owner. With this habit, he won’t put up a lot of resistance to sit on the veterinarian’s table during appointments.

An added bonus: grooming dogs improves the animal’s blood circulation. 

A bath without getting wet

The option of using products for cleaning a dog without having to get him wet is also perfectly valid.

There are a good number of dry shampoos in the market that are very effective. Its application is relatively simple: the first thing you do is comb and untangle the animal’s hair. You spray the liquid on a damp cotton towel (many come in spray bottles) and you apply it to the animal. Start on the back, then the paws, tail, and finally, the face.

Then, remove all the shampoo with a damp towel.

You can repeat this action as many times as you think is necessary. Finish with another combing and brushing session.

Only products exclusively made for dogs should be used. Shampoo or creams for humans should never be used.

Role of feeding in cleaning the dog

To a great extent, a pet’s good health depends on how well he eats. A balanced diet, by which he gets all the necessary vitamins and minerals for a full life, brings short-term and long-term benefits.

A dog’s state of cleanliness, his hair and fur conditions, as well as the smell he gives off, are influenced greatly by what he eats.

Some dog owners start to complain about their pets’ bad odor. In many circumstances, they can even express disbelief or claim that they groom and bathe them regularly.

Many times, the problem lies in cheap and bad-quality food. On the one hand, they don’t provide all the nutrients that the animal requires, and on the other hand, they create digestive difficulties for the dog. The consequences include constant gas and a change in the skin’s scent.

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