Tea Tree Oil Fights Against Parasites

This natural remedy can help keep your beloved pet healthy and safe
Tea Tree Oil Fights Against Parasites

Last update: 04 February, 2018

Recently, natural products have become very popular for treating all types of discomfort, as well as for body hygiene and household cleaning. Tea tree oil is one of the latest and newest trends for the fight against parasites, especially in dogs. We want to show you how to use it on your pet.

What is tea tree oil?

Tea tree oil is a colorless oil obtained from the distillation of tea tree leaves. How is it done? By a method that has been known and used for years– vapor distillation. You get the purest essence of the leaves from it, so much so that a ton of leaves produces approximately 10 liters of oil.

This tea tree is from Australia. Even though there are more than 300 varieties of this plant there, the Melaleuca alternifolia is the only one that has a lot of properties for both us and our pets. 

In our pets’ case, it can be very helpful when fighting parasites, viruses, and bacteria. Let’s see how.

Tea tree oil for your dog

Tea tree oil has antiseptic properties as well as being antiviral, healing, balsamic, and a great bactericide, fungicide, and deodorant among others. For that reason, it is a great ally against parasites and bacteria.

For being a completely natural product, there are no known side effects such as skin allergies, irritation, or others. Although if after using it on your dog he begins to scratch himself too much, go see the veterinarian immediately. However, we assure you that there is a very low chance that this would happen.

As with any other product, whether natural or not, we have to be especially careful to avoid contact with the eyes.

Tea tree oil lotion for your pet

To make an effective lotion for our pet that frees him from all discomfort from the bacteria and parasites, mix equal amounts of tea tree oil and alcohol at 96 degrees Celsius with distilled water.

To apply it, we recommend putting it in a spray bottle, and then spraying it directly on the animal. Take care not to get it in their eyes.

In addition, tea tree oil is very effective against fleas and other parasites. As soon as they note the oil’s presence on the animal, they will quickly go away. Therefore it is recommended to spray your pet outside so that your house does not get infested with fleas.

If you have a pet, tea tree oil is essential to have in his first-aid kit. Pets always have some type of parasite for one reason or another.

If it’s difficult to get tea tree oil where you live, there is another homemade remedy that you can use against fleas and other parasites: pennyroyal.

You just have to boil some pennyroyal leaves in water, let them cool, and spray them on your pet. You will see how quickly he is free of parasites.

Another special remedy for ticks is rose geranium oil mixed with three teaspoons of almond oil. When sprayed on the animal, he will no longer have pain.

On our blog you can find hundreds of homemade remedies for your pet for these and other illnesses. We believe that natural products work and won’t harm the pets at all. And remember that at “My Animals,” we are interested in your friend and his well-being.

However, like always, before applying any product on your animal’s body, whether it be natural or chemical, it’s better to consult with your veterinarian so that she gives you proper instructions. 

The contents of My Animals are written for informational purposes. They can't replace the diagnosis, advice, or treatment from a professional. In the case of any doubt, it's best to consult a trusted specialist.