The Ins and Outs of Getting Dogs to Mate Correctly

Whatever your reasons for wanting to have your dog mate with another, it's important to know what you're doing and follow some simple steps to make sure healthy and safe.
The Ins and Outs of Getting Dogs to Mate Correctly

Last update: 18 December, 2018

Whether or not you have a purebred dog, you may be wanting to have it mate so that you can have more puppies or possibly because your friends want one of your dog’s puppies. However, that involves some serious responsibility. So today, we’re going to give you some important information on the proper way of getting dogs to mate.

There are also some steps you absolutely must follow for getting dogs to mate successfully. That’s why you can read this article about some tips and advice to make sure you do it right.

Steps on getting your dog to mate correctly

A. Make sure your dog can reproduce

This dog looks old enough to mate

This is the most important question of all. If you want puppies, it makes no sense to get your dog to reproduce if they can’t do it.

So, how do you find that out? Your vet can fun some simple and inexpensive tests to give you the answers you need. If he/she says your dog is capable of reproducing, there are some things you’ll have to keep in mind before you get them to mate. Below are a few things you should consider:


Make sure your dog is at the right age to be having intercourse with another dog. If your dog has intercourse at a very young age,  they could develop major health problems or even death.

They shouldn’t be too old, either. If your dog is a female, there’s a risk that both she and the puppies will die. Male dogs should be at least a year and a half years old, and females need to be, at the earliest, in their third heat cycle.


Do some research through your vet, the Internet, and other people who own the same breed. That way you could find out about any potential genetic problems they could transmit to its offspring.

Make sure your dog is healthy

Depending on your dog’s size, it could have some kind of condition that will create problems when mating or giving birth. For example, hip dysplasia is a major problem when giving birth.

Also, dogs that can’t pass the BAER test will most likely transmit their hearing problems to their offspring. Also, another automatic “no” for mating would be heart problems.

B. Is the female in her right cycle to mate?

Whether the female is yours or not, you need to make sure it’s the right time. So, how do you do that? Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as you might think.

It’s easy to tell when a female is in heat, because they bleed a bit, just like human women do on their menstrual cycle. A heat cycle lasts between 21-35 days, though there are some days in particular that increase the chance of pregnancy.

Generally, 7-10 days into heat is the best time to have her mate, though some dogs ovulate on the 4th day and others on the 27th. So, you might be hard to know when it’s really the right time.

However, males will show more interest when the moment has come, and females are more willing to accept them when they’re ready to become pregnant.

Here’s the best approach: start out when the female is on her third day of being in heat, have her see “her partner” every two days and leave them alone while you watch how they behave. Nature will take its course…

C. The final steps of getting dogs to mate correctly

Once you know your dog is capable of reproducing and that it’s the right time, all you have to do is set the stage.

Shave the female’s vaginal area

This is important because too much hair in that area could cause injury during intercourse, along with transmitting disease.

Give them time to get to know each other

Two pugs in love

We know you’re eager for the puppies, but be patient and don’t force things. Dogs know what they need to do when it comes to mating, and they’ll do it when they feel the time is right.

Don’t leave them by themselves

Females, especially if they’ve never mated before, can sometimes be aggressiveSo it’s often a good idea to put a muzzle on them while they’re with the male. You should also stick around to make sure there are no incidents. Talk to them in a soft, affectionate tone to keep the tension down.

Just remember, if you’re going to have your dog mate, you might not be able to sell or give away all the puppies. If that happens, you’ll need to take responsibility for them.

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