A Fireman Saves The Life of a Dog Using Mouth-to-Mouth Breathing

Last update: 18 July, 2018

Incredible news — a fireman has not only saved a pet owner from a house fire, he also did not hesitate to return inside the burning house to save the life of the owner’s dog.

The dog was unconscious due to the dense smoke it had inhaled, but the firefighter still returned to save the animal’s life.

For this action, the Romanian firefighter has earned the title of ‘hero’ in his country. People on social media were also moved by the story of how he saved the dog’s life. He did this by performing mouth-to-mouth breathing.

The firefighter’s name is Mugurel Costache. He states that he rescued the owner of the animal from his burning home and then returned to rescue the dog.

The animal lay unconscious on the ground due to the dense smoke that was in the house.

Without hesitation, the fireman performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and heart massage. This caused the animal to breathe again. In this way, he was able to save the life of the dog.

The fireman’s feat — saving the life of a dog and its owner

The video that was captured during the rescue operation has been watched 1.1 million times on the Internet, while the Romanian media paid tribute to the “hero of Pitesti“.

If the fireman had not returned to save the life of the dog, the dog would not have had the chance to live.

The firefighter said that he has received messages from around the world, including from far-flung places such as, Dubai, Germany, Italy, England and France.

Some of these messages, while supporting and admiring the firefighter’s feat, also included appeals to adopt the dog — as long as the dog’s owner consents to an adoption.

Artificial respiration tips to save a dog’s life

  • The first thing to do is to remove any obstruction in the throat of the dog. To do this, you will open the airway of the animal and free this space from any obstructions.
  • Next, you will raise the head of the dog and blow into its mouth. The animal’s chest should rise. You will give breaths, two at a time.
  • Chest compression. In the case of large dogs, you may be able to lay the dog on his back and use the same compression action that you would for human beings.
  • In the case of small dogs (and even cats), you can position them to recline in your lap. You will make compressions on its ribs, pushing on both sides.
  • The rhythm of the breaths and the chest compressions will vary depending on the size of the dog.

Combine breathing, alternating with compressions

When performing compressions to save a dog’s life, the number of breaths to chest compressions will be approximately the same as for humans.

You should continue the compressions until the animal responds and begins to breathe independently.

Heroic actions of firefighters

In their day-to-day lives, firefighters face situations of great danger that affect the lives of people and animals. In one day for example, a firefighter may go from putting out a fire to rescuing an animal stuck in a tree.

They are heroic people for the work they carry out.

Some of the rescues that these professionals have made will never be forgotten. Those who are least likely to forget are the owners of their pets, who are eternally grateful.

Precautions with the dog’s mouth

Many studies have concluded that people who kiss their dogs are usually more prone to suffer from oral diseases received from their pets.

There is a tendency among many pet owners to consider dogs as another member of the family. But a dog is always a dog, and is different from us humans. Among other things, dogs are immune to certain substances, viruses and bacteria that can affect humans.

We all know that dogs lick their genitals, pick things up from the ground with their mouths, put their noses in the most unexpected places, etc.

Loving our dog does not mean that we neglect adequate hygienic measures.

Especially for house pets that live in houses, we must take extreme precautions. Pet owners must pay attention to their pet’s vaccination schedule. Along with the daily hygiene routine, washing and brushing routine, and teeth cleaning schedule, etc.

When our pet is in the best condition of hygiene and health, it helps keep the pet-human friendship and cohabitation alive.

The subject of deworming is particularly important — attempts to deworm a pet must work both externally and internally, and internal deworming is one of the most important aspects to keeping your pet healthy. The pills that veterinarians administer to the pet for internal deworming will help with this. The pills will also serve to avoid spreading the contagion to humans.

Source of the main image: www.wapa.pe