In-Home Veterinarians: What is This New Profession?

Because of economic difficulties, a new profession has emerged. There are now some vets that travel to you.
In-Home Veterinarians: What is This New Profession?

Last update: 12 February, 2019

The global economic crisis has affected everyone, including veterinarians. Many vets have had to look for ingenious alternatives in order to make enough money to make ends meet. So, welcome to the world of in-home veterinarians, a new profession that makes animal care easier.

In addition, it’s not only beneficial for the vets; it’s also helpful for pet owners and pets. Find out all about it here!

What is an in-home veterinarian?

A cat and dog with in-home veterinarians.

This idea might be a little unfamiliar to many people. Personally, I was surprised when, after caring for a friend’s dog for a few months, the dog needed an operation on a benign tumor on its neck. My friends gave me the number of a veterinarian, and told me not to worry – the vet would come to me.

I never thought that a veterinarian could also operate at home! I assumed the vet would just come to assess the situation. However, he put down some plastic on a table and operated in a matter of minutes.

So, here we have an example of an in-home veterinarian!

Although this case is rather more extreme than most, in-home veterinarians can vaccinate, treat wounds, and examine your pet without you having to leave the house.

A vet explains why she starting doing in-home care. “The rental prices for a place to work, as well the taxes, greatly increased after the financial crash. To be able to pay my mortgage and get to the end of the month I had to reinvent the way I worked.”

Just like this vet, hundreds of veterinarians practice in homes. On the other hand, others simply do it on the side just to make some extra money, as well as working in their clinic.

How do veterinarians work in homes?

Firstly, in-home veterinarians travel to pet owners’ homes when the owner requests an appointment, just like with a normal appointment. Some can also help in the case of emergencies.

Of course, traveling to a home involves an additional cost. This is especially true if it is an emergency or you need an appointment at night or at the weekend.

These vets carry all the equipment they might need in their van. They have to bring equipment for a regular check-up, for treating wounds, or even to operate if necessary. They sterilize the van as well as instruments, so you don’t need to worry about your pet’s safety.

On the other hand, if your pet needs a more complicated operation or needs to be in isolation, the in-home vet will direct you to the nearest veterinary hospital.

Advantages of in-home veterinarians

In-home veterinarians sometimes deal with emergencies.

Just like a child hates going to the dentist, dogs hate going to the vet. Some dogs, as soon as they see their carrier, already know they aren’t going to like what’s going to happen next. An in-home veterinarian avoids exposing your pet to this stress, and it calms your nerves too!

In addition to this, dogs often feel uncomfortable on the cold tables at clinics. Therefore, being treated at home, a place they know and are comfortable in, will help them to be more relaxed. This also allows them to be more open to what the veterinarian is going to do.

In addition, an in-home visit prevents you from having to travel to a clinic, which saves you time. Of course, as we said, this comes at an additional cost. However, this cost might be worth it for the well-being of your pet.

This new alternative is undoubtedly a luxury in rural places where there aren’t many services or where you have to make long trips into the city. If you know an in-home veterinarian near you, try it out! You won’t regret it.

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