Learn All About Online Veterinarian Consultations

Now you can get access to online consultations for your pet in this new site that promises to save time and, hopefully, avoid bad situations at home.
Learn All About Online Veterinarian Consultations

Last update: 08 July, 2019

The social media has been taking over massively worldwide. Today, you can do almost anything through them. As a result, it turns out now we can even use it for taking care of our pet’s health. But how? Veterinarian consultations online, of course. This is a virtual innovation that will help you keep your dog in good health and in good shape.

Since we care about your pets (as we’re sure you know!), we couldn’t miss this opportunity to tell you about this latest news. So, would you like to know more? Keep reading and learn about this amazing online tool.

Online veterinarian consultations: How do they work?

A happy dog after his online veterinarian consultation.

It’s no secret that when we get sick, the first thing we often do is to look online to find out what might be happening to us. Does this sound familiar to you?

Simple solutions for simple problems

Using online veterinary consultations, you can now do the same thing for your dog. However, the question that arises is: What kind of consultations can be made using this tool? Well, here are some of them:

  • Vaccination. If you have a puppy and doubts arise about which vaccinations are mandatory for them, these online consultations will give you all the information you need. Moreover, if you can’t remember what your adult dog’s vaccinations are, they’ll be able to help you with that too.
  • De-worming. If you think your dog has parasites or just want to prevent them, these consultations will give you some guidelines to follow. They’ll take into consideration your dog’s size, age, weight and the area in which you live.
  • Behavior. Some unwanted behavior in dogs can easily be fixed at home. Online veterinary consultations can help. However, for any serious or unwanted habits, you’ll have to go to a professional.
  • Diet. Any doubts about the amount of food you should be giving your dog? You can learn which types of food are most suitable for your pet or answer any other concerns with their help.
  • General doubts. For example, what to do if you want to travel with them or leave them at home, any legal issues, etc. You can find those answers on this site.
  • Medical opinion. If your pet has been ill and you’ve already gone to the vet but would like some extra information about the diagnosis or other guidelines to follow, ask at an online consultation.
  • Home remedies. Sometimes, they can even recommend a home remedy you can make in case of a fever. You can also find some simple things you can do that don’t need immediate veterinary assistance.

For bigger problems, consult a professional

Remember that in the case of an illness, this is only a way to get simple solutions for simple issues. The vet should always be the one to examine your pet. Likewise, any online consultation will recommend it if they can’t solve the problem and/or if they see the issue is getting out of proportion.

Where to find online veterinarian consultations

A cute puppy laying on the floor.

There are several online websites that offer these kinds of services. One of the best-known sites internationally and one that works very well is Barkibu, for instance.

Barkibu is not just a forum, as many may think. In reality, it’s a service that contacts professional veterinarians to answer your questions. However, they won’t be able to diagnose or prescribe anything. Whenever they see any situation getting out of hand, they will always refer you to the vet.

Veterinary schools are another option. On their webpages, there’s usually a chat option or at least an email through which you’ll be able to write your questions and receive an answer.

Nevertheless, as we’ve told you before, this is for consultations only, and to resolve simple questions. In case of an illness, it’ll be necessary for a veterinarian to examine your dog.

You may be wondering if it’s reliable. Well, yes it is! As mentioned earlier, they are professional veterinarians that through online consultations may give answers to your questions. In some cases, they can even provide you with some guidelines to follow. A very practical and useful alternative, indeed!

And of course, you’ll also have your online magazine: myanimals.com. We’ll always be giving you information and advice for anything you need and want to know about your dear pets.

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