The Most Frequent Pet Accidents

The most frequent accidents in pets happen due to ignorance or negligence. But knowing how to prevent them will help us keep our pets safe.
The Most Frequent Pet Accidents

Last update: 18 February, 2019

Having a pet at home is almost like having a baby; they depend on us for everything. Well, almost. But sometimes, even in spite of all of the thought and effort we’ve put into prevention, pet accidents still happen. Some are more frequent than others, and that’s just what we’d like to tell you about today so that you can take the necessary precautions to try to avoid them.

The most frequent pet accidents

Having a pet is a responsibility that goes far beyond feeding an animal and providing a home. We have to meet all their emotional, physical and mental needs and, of course, protect them from all the things that could go wrong.

Pet accidents happen, but most of the time they’re due to lack of knowledge or prevention. And so, here’s the list of the most frequent pet accidents, so that you can use them to brainstorm about all the possible means to avoid them.


There is no doubt that poisoning is the most common of all pet accidents. Sometimes you forget that you have a new member at home and so you leave toxic cleaning supplies lying around that can be very harmful to their health if swallowed.

A vomiting dog.

So, what happens if our pet ingests these chemical products? Some experts assure us that vomiting should be induced in some cases, but this isn’t always the best route to take. Whether it’s a good idea or not to induce a pet to vomit depends on the product that’s been ingested. Some of the chemicals will burn the pet’s throat and their esophagus or vocal cords for the second time if the pet vomits.

You should keep activated charcoal in your first-aid kit at home (and wherever else you and your pet spend a lot of time). In this way, you’ll be able to administer it to your pet as soon as you realize that he has ingested a toxic product.

This is only to buy a little time until you take the pet to the vet. You’ll absolutely have to visit the vet if your pet has had contact with a toxic chemical.

Falls and collisions

Falls from high places and car collisions are some of the most frequent cause of pet accidents. If one of these happens, avoid moving your pet unless you absolutely have to. You should, of course, see a vet right away.

If you’re driving the pet to the vet, try to have someone else along so they can help you calm the animal down and immobilize it, and also to allow air to enter the vehicle so the pet can breathe.

Paramedic attending to a dog.


As with babies, we must install electric outlet plugs and tighten loose wires. Electrocution is another one of the most frequent pet accidents that often lead to their death.

Dog chewing electric cables

Stings, wounds, and bites

Our pets roam around the streets and are, therefore, exposed to parasites, bites from other dogs and other injuries when their curiosity gets them into places where they shouldn’t be.

The best first aid in these cases, before going to the vet’s, is to shave the area, clean it, and disinfect it with hydrogen peroxide or betadine. You can apply this with gauze or swabs.

A vet bandaging a dog.


Although fractures are not among the most common accidents a pet can suffer, they do happen sometimes. A pet might fall from a high place, or it might get stuck in a fence. It even might smash into a tree while chasing a squirrel.

In all these cases, it’s essential that you immobilize your furry friend as much as you can. After that, take it to the vet as soon as possible so he or she can help to properly immobilize the affected area.

A dog with bandaged leg.

Food poisoning

You already know that dogs quickly gulp down everything they can get to at any given time and place. This includes food that you might have left lying around. Some of the food that isn’t toxic to you is toxic to animals and it can seriously harm them. Gastroenteritis is the most common consequence of food poisoning and it must be treated by a professional.

A dog eating chocolate.
Make sure your pet doesn’t have access to food that could harm him, and try to monitor him as much as possible so that he doesn’t have access to other places where he might find it, such as trash cans.

Don’t be too alarmed, many of the most frequent pet accidents usually have a solution if you act quickly. Never skip an urgent visit to the vet, even though it may seem like everything is fine.

Pets are stoic and rarely complain about pain, but you’ll know immediately if you pay attention to how they’re behaving. Especially if you know your pet well. We’re sure you do.

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