Why Does Your Dog Get the Hiccups?

Have you ever wondered why your dog gets the hiccups? We'll tell you here.
Why Does Your Dog Get the Hiccups?

Last update: 31 March, 2019

Most likely at some time or another, dog owners have seen their dog get the hiccups. Generally it’s nothing serious, as long as it’s not a situation that lasts for days.

What causes hiccups?

Hiccups are caused by an involuntary contraction in the diaphragm, which is a muscle that separates the thoracic cavern from the abdomen. This contraction produces a short sound that can also be high pitched.

There are several different causes that can provoke hiccups, in people as well as in animals. The principal cause is normally eating or drinking too rapidly. In the case of puppies, being cold is also a typical cause of hiccups.

On other occasions, hiccups can be generated by nerves, stress, anxiety, fatigue and fear, etc.

Dogs can get the hiccups when they are scared or anxious

What does your dog think of hiccups?

The same as with people, hiccups aren’t necessarily a sign of anxiety or disease. They occur to help the stomach get rid of extra gasses, relieving the esophagus of irritations. On occasions they help to control the nerves that control the movements of the diaphragm.

It’s true that for canines, hiccups can be somewhat annoying and irritating. It’s important that you know how to identify their cause. If you’re not sure, it may be a good idea to take a trip to the vet.

The solution to your pet’s hiccups

To control this type of occurrence, you can either wait a little so that they go away naturally, or you could teach your dog to eat a little slower. The ideal system would be to put its food little by little into the bowl, not all at once, since this could cause your dog anxiety if it eats too quickly.

By way of an example, if you give your dog 10 ounces of good, don’t put it all in at once. Instead, it would be ideal to give it to your dog little by little, dividing it into 10 parts of 1 ounce. As your dog finishes one part, you should wait a little and then give him the next part of the food, until he gets through all the food.

Another important thing you should do is to make sure you give your dog its food in the bowl, not out of your hand. This is so he can eventually learn to eat slowly on his own.

Your dog’s character

A very nervous animal or one that’s stressed will also get hiccups a lot more frequently than one that’s calm and tranquil. This shows that these factors not only produce flatulence and discomfort in dogs, but that stress and anxiety also affect their health negatively. Canines are generally not animals that get stressed all on their own; usually it’s the human that makes them get stressed.

Some suggestions for getting rid of hiccups in your dog

  • The same as with people, a small fright, given in just the right measure, can help to stop the discomfort in your pet.
  • Another effective remedy could be taking your pet to do something, such as going to the park. This is quite effective to get rid of hiccups. Why? Because your animal will be distracted, will be able to smell things, play and in this way will forget about the problem.
  • Small sips of water can also help stop hiccups. The same is the case with small amounts of food.
  • Giving your dog a bath is another excellent option to get rid of this discomfort.
One way to try getting rid of your dog's hiccups is to give him a bath. This will change his breathing pattern a little.

Should you stop your dog’s hiccups?

You should calm yourself with the fact that your animal will be fine whatever happens. This is whether the hiccups disappear immediately, or if they continue for quite a while. You can choose to ignore them, or try to make them stop.

The results of using the above methods will depend on each dog; each individual case is different. Given the fact that hiccups usually stop on their own, it’s not crucial to make them disappear immediately. What you can do is distract your friend, interacting with him, so that he forgets all about the situation.

Among the things that your dog likes best is to play, walk, run, etc. If you involve it in one of these activities, its breathing will change due to the exercise, and your dog will be able to stop hiccuping easily.

Giving your dog a bath can also cause a change in its breathing, and this can cause the hiccups to disappear.

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